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Guardian provides the tools for everyday people to install, service and maintain the status and functionality of AEDs. By providing this service, Guardian is giving people the confidence to be in control and trust that they are prepared for an emergency if one were to arise.

The Opportunity

AED’s are used in emergency situations, therefore it is crucial they are constantly functioning at an optimal standard in case they are required immediately.

Monitoring these devices is a simple process but is often left to technical support teams to undergo a few times a year. Guardian is a platform for the user to provide this service to ensure the device is operating as it should at any time of the day.

The Project

Guardian puts the user in control wth the ability to independently install, monitor and maintain AED. The integration of Bluetooth features allows the user to manage the status and functionailty of the device from the ease of a mobile application.

The Engagement

When we took on this project, the Founder already had an existing back end developer and had previously built an infrastructure. Our team was responsible for the front end development and a complete UI build to bring the project to life.

Guardian, who are funded by Westpac, created this project on the basis of saving lives. We as a company are proud to have worked with them to create a product that seamlessly integrates the required technology and delivers this service.

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