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Obstacle Fit is for the modern athlete. A single platform, providing training regimes and workouts that target a diverse range of fitness styles, specifically catering to the unpredictability of OCR training.

The Opportunity

With obstacle training and spartan inspired track fitness on the rise, athletes were missing out on opportunities to monitor their goals and track their physical performance. The current market is limited and only appeals to more mainstream training styles.

The Project

Obstacle Fit allows the user to tailor their training program to mirror the unpredictability of OCR. It is the only app that provides an incredibly diverse range of training options such as outdoors, HIIT / Tabata, running, cycling and walking. It provides randomised features within workouts that allow the user to respond to obstacles as they would on race day.

The app allows them to create step by step guides for specific obstacles, record and track performance analytics and monitor strengths and weaknesses to meet their individual goals.

The Engagement

With the idea in mind, the Founder approached us to make it happen. We helped by providing the initial consulting and advice to help shape the idea and refine the revenue model. Our team worked to develop the unique brand identity and provide a technical solution to the problem.

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