As an award-winning app development company our reputation speaks for itself.

Here’s how our journey has built the solid foundation we have today of helping so many businesses succeed.


App Boxer’s story began way back in 2015, when Zyran Erasmus, our Digital Tech Wizard, realised his deep-seated desire to help businesses of all shapes and sizes to build robust applications that would support their growth and amplify their customer connection and achieve greater success in the market.


Just a few short years later, App Boxer now boasts a talented team of digital unicorn 🦄 professionals with a passion for innovation and a penchant for smart collaboration that achieves outstanding results.

From Square One

Built with a vision of originality, the spirit of collaboration and a wealth of expertise, App Boxer is not your typical app development house.

Rather, we are an incubator for exciting ideas – we just happen to be freaking awesome app and website developers as well. We work closely alongside you throughout your entire digital journey – from ideation to development, marketing to launch (and beyond).

With some of the brightest minds in the digital tech industry, we build practical app solutions with an unwavering dedication to quality and functionality that support the achievement of your overarching business goals. As a vibrant, youthful and digitally savvy team, we’ve grown up with technology. We understand it intimately. More importantly, we understand how technology can empower your business and provide a framework for solutions that make a real difference to your organisation.

We are the new generation of innovators, creators and thinkers. We live for the projects that light a fire inside of us, and the ideas that inspire us to be better and do better.

Partner with us

Partnering with App Boxer is not simply an operational transaction.

It’s an investment in the extension of your team – that’s how closely we work together with you. Experience our difference for yourself.

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The humans behind the team

We may be biased, but our team are the best of the best – and they’re waiting to work with you.

Let’s introduce you to the people you’ll be working with directly.

Meet our Team

Why work with App Boxer?

As a team of thinkers and doers, when we partner with you, we become internal workers and external ambassadors for your organisation. This involves taking a deep dive into the inner workings of your business to understand your problems, unearth your opportunities and unleash your full potential.

Why? Because we’re driven by your success.

Our bespoke, collaborative approach to every project enables us to be quick, efficient and agile. We’re not here to mess around. When you need something done, we’re here to make it happen – fast and effectively.

But wait, we’re not done yet.

Our comprehensive solution doesn’t simply stop at development. Like the true friends we are, we walk side by side with you to help you market and launch your app as well, so that you can gain the traction you need to see the success you deserve.

How many developers do you know that do that?

Here at App Boxer, we don’t just take your money and make an app for the sake of it.

We’re in this together. Because your wins are our wins. Your goals are our goals. And we’ll stop at nothing to see them through.

See our Processes

See what our clients say.

Jack Preddy

CEO, Optimize Mind Performance

“They’ve been really helpful throughout the process.”

Check out our case study .

Markus Truter

Founder & CEO, Hypest

“What I found extra unique was their ability to put themselves in the founders’ and clients’ shoes.”

Lewis Heard

Founder, HEROE

“Most impressive for me was how relatively young the team was but also dynamic, passionate, and professional.”

Check out our case study .

Julie Harvey

Co-Founder, Living Easier with Disability

“They are very innovative and I am very thankful that they are working with us.”

John James

Managing Director, Star Compliance

“Their design is second to none. The team just know how to design beautiful elegant applications that work.”

Check out our case study .

David Lamond

Founder & Managing Director, smartaed

“The App Boxer team is timely and responsive to changes in direction and requirements.”

Jasneet Singh

Founder & CEO, PRKA PTY LTD.

“They care about what they create.”

Stefan Miller

SHOCT Pty Ltd.

“The quality of their work and their actual services are beyond our expectations.”

Check out our case study .

Luke Calavassy

Head of Innovation, Cellarmasters

“Their ability to take a problem and come back with solutions in a really timely manner was impressive.”

Charlie Khoury

Founder and CEO, Snewpit

“Their ability and willingness to think outside the box impressed me the most.”

Check out our case study .

Suzanne Pitrolo

Managing Director, ReNuMe Pty Ltd

“We were provided excellent communication skills from all of the staff.”

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It is not the reason why we do what we do, but it is nice to be recognised for our efforts.

Peek within our doors 👀

We like to think of the App Boxer office as a hardworking funhouse for adults.

Basically, you’ll leave feeling more inspired than when you walked in.

Come in and let’s chat!


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