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Websites are often a user’s first point of contact with your business, therefore it is essential for it to leave a lasting impression. Our combined years of experience has equipped our team with the tools and knowledge to take your website to the next level

What is Website Development?

The term website development refers to more than just the coding and technical know-how to build websites. At App Boxer, our detailed and collaborative process begins with your single great idea, from which we build upon, scope, design and execute high-end web products. Depending on the requirements of your project App Boxer delivers a number of website development solutions. These can be as simple as a one-page website that promotes an app launch or as complex as a business specific CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

What is the Process for Website Development?

After years of working in the industry, our experienced team has refined our website development process to ensure that we produce work to the highest standards. From the initial stages of concept development to the post-development testing and quality assurance, our team works tirelessly to deliver websites that exceed your expectations.


Below is a step-by-step guide to this process.


Refining the concept or idea

Every project starts with a single idea. During your initial consultation, our team will work with you to develop and build upon your concept and begin mappin out the scope required to turn this into a reality. Firstly, it is important to understand what makes you stand out from the rest and how your concept will compare to others in the industry. Once we have identified this you are one step closer to producing a successful product. This process can take some time and we, as your technical partners, will jump in and give you our advice along the way.


Website Strategy
Next we need to understand your competition, your target market, and how your website will be received in the current industry. This is a crucial step so that we can be certain that we are producing a high quality product that ticks all the boxes. In the process of defining your strategy, we have already started mapping out the requirements and scope involved to complete the project. In addition to the completed website build, we offer all our clients a marketing playbook that woll help outline the promotion of your website post launch.


Website Wireframing

If your project involves a high end development build our experienced team of UX/UI designers will then begin working on the wireframes. This is where you website will start to take form. Our designers take all the hard work that was fleshed out in the initial stages and begin mapping out the users journey. At this stage in the process, the team will begin identifying the technical requirements and specifications needed for development.


Website Branding

At App Boxer, our team of Brand Specialists will work closely with you to define, develop and produce a high quality brand. This involves creating a collaborative moodboard to understand the visual direction, followed by a variety of concepts that align to your brands personality. At the completion of your branding, you will receive a document that outlines the brand guidelines for use and high quality exports of the logo.


Website Design – UX/UI Strategy

Once the branding is finalised, our UX/UI designers will begin applying your these elements, including colour and typography, to the completed wireframes. Our designers work with the user at the forefront of their decision making. This ensures that each design choice will suit the users expectations and needs. Upon completing this, you will receive a high-fidelity prototype that you can use to promote your website to investors if required.


User Stories for Websites

While we work on the UX/UI strategy, our Business Analyst will start creating your user stories. This involves listing each feature and interaction that the user experiences while using the website. This highly detailed document is essentially a guide to the features, functionality and technical requirements for your website and is crucial for back-end development. This document provides the cost estimation and dictates plans for future development.


Website Development

Depending on the complexity of the website and the budget, our team may use a number of techniques and processes to code the functionality of your website. For more complex sites, the team will use a JS framework or Django for the front end and possibly backend development. For less involves builds, we may use WordPress and other web technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.


Website Testing

At App Boxer, we ensure that your product is designed and developed at the highest standard prior to going live. We provide a number of quality assurance testing services during the development process to see that the website functions correctly. Our testing processes include:


  • UX/UI Testing: Conducted by our UX/UI Designers, each webiste is checked against the original UX/UI Design for accuracy and proper implementation of workflows.
  • Stress Testing: The website is placed under stress using an automation testing tool to simulate moderate load. This uncovers significant blockages in the system’s performance. Every App Boxer website is developed in such a way to allow it to scale.
  • Security Testing: Protecting the website user’s data from external threats and maintaining confidentiality and security is as important as normal functionality. Websites are thoroughly tested to restrict unauthorised access to user data. We also make sure SSL certificates are installed so that all the communication between a server and the website are encrypted.


Deployment and Market Submission

Upon completing our series of testing, the team will migrate the build from a staging server to a production server. From here the website will undergo further testing to ensure that it is operating at the highest standard and confirm the final launch.


Post Deployment

Our team will monitor your websites performance and address any bugs or functionality issues that may appear. This service is provided as part of App Boxer’s 3-month warranty for all our products.

Why Choose App Boxer For Your Website Development?

With years of experience in the industry, our team at App Boxer can build beautifully designed and functional websites to suit the needs and requirements of your business. Our team prides ourselves on delivering high quality products based on our industry knowledge of the latest technology and trends.

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