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In order to attract the attention of your target audience, build user engagement and brand awareness, it is crucial to keep your users at the centre of the design process. At App Boxer, our highly skilled team of UX and UI specialists are trained to find efficient and user-focused design solutions to ensure that your audience continues to return time and time again.
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User interaction design and user experience services ensure that your project is easy to use and aligns to the needs of your users.

What are UI and UX services and why do they matter?

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are often used interchangeably due to their similarities, however, they each bring their own unique value to the table. In order for a product or service to work seamlessly, both UI and UX design services are required.


Simply put, UX design focuses on a user’s overall experience and interaction with a product. UX designers are essentially advocates for the user, which means their focus is on creating interactions and experiences that are easy to follow and enjoyable for the end-user. From the moment a user opens your app or clicks on your business’s webpage, we can begin to track their interactions with the product. The difference between good and bad UX is measured by the rate of return, users who are spending too long looking for a specific feature or struggle to use the product in general, are less likely to continue using the product. 


On the other hand, UI design is the discipline of designing intuitive user interfaces that visually communicate the look and feel of the brand while creating a seamless user experience. Good UI design should evoke an emotional response from the user that aligns with the business’s intentions. A UI designer’s role is to help the user navigate through the app or website by providing correct and relevant information at the right time and assisting them with the appropriate visual cues.

What UI and UX services do we offer?

  • Flows and Feature Lists: Following an initial consultation, our Solutions Architect works closely with the designer on the project to establish the primary scope and functionality of the product. We outline the technical requirements that are necessary for the project to function at a high standard. Based on the outcomes of this discussion we develop flows and feature lists that encapsulate the scope of the product.


  • Wireframes: Our designers develop the wireframes to visually represent the architecture and functionality of the product. This involves translating the flows and feature lists into a set of frames that showcase how the app will look and function. It is in this stage of the process that our designers replicate how users will interact with the product and establish their expectations and needs.


  • UI Design: Once the functionality of the product is confirmed, our UI designers translate the branding to the user interface. This crucial part of the design process ensures that your product is visually aligned to your brand as well as provides visual directions for the user, such as intuitive navigation, relevant calls to action, and a consistent interface throughout.


  • Hi-fidelity Prototype: We have the ability to also stitch together the different UI screens and complete the user flow through a hi-fidelity prototype. This allows you to see how a user would navigate through the platform and gain valuable feedback through user validation testing.


  • User Stories: Our Business Analyst compiles a detailed document that outlines each step a user takes when interacting with the product. This document includes specific information regarding each interaction type, the features and functions associated with it, and the technical requirements for development.


  • UI/UX Reports, Audits and Enhancements: Our UI/UX designers are some of the world’s leading UI/UX specialists and follow all the latest best practises to implement the best UI and UX designs. They can review and collate a report regarding any designs that you may already have and can act as an external auditor. They can also provide enhancements, suggestions and UI refreshes to existing apps and websites. 

Why choose App Boxer?

With years of combined experience in UI design and UX strategies, our team is equipped to take your project from the initial consultation and deliver an intuitive and beautifully designed end product. Our designers are uniquely trained to understand the predictability of human behaviour and how this translates to digital products. This is an invaluable skill set and when applied to app and web design, ultimately elevates the quality and function of our products. As we have with every client, our professional UX and UI designers will work to find the best and most efficient design solutions for your project. Our end goal is to provide you with a product that is beautifully designed and ensures that your product is in the best possible position to connect with your target audience.

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