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Assisting over 30+ clients and trusted by industry leaders, our team at App Boxer create exciting new web interfaces and provide top-of-the-line UI/UX development. We work collaboratively to design intuitive hybrid app development strategies to create only the highest quality products in the market.
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Backed by years of experience, we build high-quality hybrid apps that work seamlessly across platforms to ensure your product is in the best position for a faster launch, and save you money in the long run!

What are Hybrid Apps?

Hybrid app development involves the creation of a single application that can be run on multiple smartphone operating systems, typically Android and iOS, and stored on the device itself. The process of hybrid app development is unique in that it uses a combination of features from both web applications and native mobile apps. The development process uses technologies from web browsers, such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, which are then wrapped in a native app framework. This means that the app is run via the smartphone’s embedded browser, however, it is downloaded and installed onto the device from either the App Store for iOS or the Google Playstore for Android, similar to native apps. Hybrid applications also are built with single codebases that are compatible with a broader range of operating systems, making them more cost-effective and faster to develop than an exclusive native app. As a result, hybrid apps are becoming more popular to invest in and develop.

What Can We Do For You?

At App Boxer, our experienced team provides end-to-end hybrid mobile app development solutions tailored for your individual tech requirements. During the Discovery Phase, our team will discuss the benefits and risks of using hybrid app development for your project and outline a  strategy to design, build and launch your product into the market. We take the time to thoroughly map out a 1 – 2 year development plan, including time for rigorous testing, that ensures your app is in the best possible position for launch.

What is the Process for Hybrid App Development?

Our team at App Boxer has spent many years refining our native app development process to ensure that we deliver high-functioning apps that operate seamlessly across multiple platforms. We take the necessary steps in order to create products that are designed beautifully and developed using the appropriate technology.



We have outlined the process below!



Refining the concept or idea


All great apps start with a single great idea. Once you have a concept in mind, the next step is to ask yourself, “What problem does my app solve?”. It is important to understand what your app does differently and how it can stand out from the competition. This is the first step towards launching a successful product. It can take some time to consolidate your ideas on your own, so our team is always ready to jump in and give you a hand to get this process started. 



Hybrid App Strategy


It is important to identify the competition, understand your target audience, and research the current market. By identifying how your project sits within this landscape, we are able to start creating a plan for hybrid app development. We provide you with a strategy for developing the product and can offer a marketing playbook that will help outline your product’s promotion.



Hybrid App Wire-framing


Our UX/UI designers create black and white wireframes that visually map out the features and functionality of your app. This process ensures that we have captured the best UX for your product’s requirements. At this stage in the process, we begin identifying the specifications for development.



Hybrid App Branding


Our team of brand specialists works with you to create a brand that meets the needs of your business while ensuring it will translate well to a digital platform. We set up a collaborative mood board to gauge the requirements and visual direction for your brand. The team offers a variety of strong concepts that align with your brand and work to ensure the logo meets your expectations. Finally, you will be provided with the brand guidelines to ensure your brand is in the best position moving forward for development and promotion. 



Hybrid App Design – UI and UX Strategy


Our UX/UI specialists begin applying your branding elements, such as colour and typography, to the wireframes. As part of the creative process, our designers work to produce an intuitive interface that results in a seamless and enjoyable user experience. Finally, the team delivers a high-fidelity prototype that can be used to promote your app to investors if required.



User Stories for Hybrid Apps


Next, we begin outlining each feature and interaction that the user has with the app in a document called the user stories. This highly detailed document is essentially a guide to the functionality and technical requirements for your app and will be used for back-end development. This document provides the cost estimation and dictates plans for future development.



Hybrid App Development


For hybrid apps, our team uses a number of techniques and processes to code the functionality of the app. This involves using web technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and some native development procedures. The process involves testing to ensure the development meets the design and technical requirements.



Hybrid Testing


At App Boxer, we ensure that your product is produced and functioning at the highest standard before launch. We provide a number of quality assurance testing services during the development process to see that the app functions correctly. Our testing processes include:


  • UX/UI Testing: Conducted by our UX/UI Designers, each app is checked against the original UX/UI Design for accuracy and proper implementation of workflows.
  • Stress Testing: The app is placed under stress using an automation testing tool to simulate moderate load. This uncovers significant blockages in the system’s performance. Every App Boxer app system is developed in such a way to allow it to scale
  • Interrupt Testing: This simulates real-world scenarios which every app needs to handle. For example, the app being interrupted by incoming phone calls, loss of network connectivity, loss of battery power, etc.
  • Security Testing: Protecting the app user’s data from external threats and maintaining confidentiality and security is as important as normal functionality. Apps are thoroughly tested to restrict unauthorised access to user data. We also make sure SSL certificates are installed so that all the communication between a server and the app are encrypted.



Deployment and Market Submission


After we have completed our necessary testing procedures, we will confirm the final submission to the App Store and Google Play Store. Each of these providers has its own testing requirements that apps must pass before they are published. Once they have ensured that your product complies with their standards, they will confirm the final launch. This process may take up to a week.



Post Deployment

Post-launch, our team will monitor the app performance to ensure any functional and security bugs that may appear are resolved promptly. This service is provided as part of App Boxer’s 3-month warranty for all our products.

Should I use Native or Hybrid App Development for my Project?

This depends on your business priorities and the features of your future app. A native and hybrid app each has their own advantages and disadvantages so it is important to familiarise yourself with both and weigh up what is going to work best for you.



Native App Development


If you’re after faster and more reliable software for increased user experience, then a native app will be the best option for you. They have the advantage of interacting directly with a device’s operating system, however, they will require a larger budget if you’re intending to develop your app for multiple platforms (iOS and Android). Native apps also need to be updated regularly.



Hybrid App Development


If you’re looking to launch your app ASAP, then you may want to consider developing a hybrid app. They are faster and easier to develop and use cross-compatible web technologies and platforms. They can be built on a single base, allowing you to add new features to multiple versions without having to replicate every new feature on each platform. On the other hand, they will never run as fast and efficiently as a native app. Hybrid app development has evolved dramatically over the last few years and has become the chosen method for the majority of new startups in the market.



We understand that it can be overwhelming to determine what type of development is best for your project. That’s why our team is always here and ready to help. 

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