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MPLOI is the modern-day employment platform you’ve been waiting for. Choose who you want to work for, chat discreetly to certified employers and find jobs in your local area.

The Problem

Small to Medium Businesses face a significant challenge when it comes to sourcing skilled personnel in a timely and cost-efficient manner. The traditional online Classifieds or Jobs Board model is both outdated and overpriced, and is in dire need of an overhaul. Additionally, the fees charged by recruitment and placement agencies can be prohibitively expensive for small to medium businesses, often ranging from 10-15%.

Furthermore, finding the right personnel can be both costly and time-consuming, and a lack of the right people can lead to significant bottlenecks and hinder the growth of a business.

The Solution

Upon posting a job with MPLOI, the employer will be instantly matched to candidates that fit their requirements, and can then scroll through profiles and connect with those they are interested in. The platform includes a “Direct Chat” system that only opens when both parties have confirmed interest and is secure, with all chat history kept within the app. To eliminate fake accounts and sketchy job postings, both employers and candidates go through a secure verification process when setting up their profile.

The Delivery

During the initial stages of the Kick-off Phase, App Boxer worked closely with the founder to turn the original idea into a profitable project that met their goals. The team was dedicated to creating an MVP that allowed the project to enter the market as quickly as possible.

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