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Virtual Reality Apps for Enterprises

Virtual reality and VR apps have captured imaginations for years. While nothing new, it has definitely progressed since its humble beginnings in the 1950s into a technology that continues to enhance the boundaries of the physical world, and change the way we can interact with the external environment.

If designed correctly, a virtual reality app can literally transport you anywhere globally, from computer-generated environments to the real world. With its limitless avenues and as an updated brand experience, virtual reality apps are definitely a worthwhile investment for your business.

VR apps offer that something a little bit extra, ideal for data visualisation of the environment and product interactions. The VR industry itself is in-demand, projected to increase from 6.2 billion US dollars in 2019 to over 16 billion by 2022. Whether it’s in the medical field, providing an improved online shopping experience to simulating events in the construction industry, VR app development continues to improve businesses by creating simulations for their products, services and processes. Instead of conducting expensive and often risky in-person training exercises and events, companies can utilise VR technology to provide the safer option of virtual training instead. For example, in construction and home building, users can walk through a computer-generated simulation of a proposed space without worrying about injuring builders onsite. Medical internals meanwhile can learn new procedures through a simulated surgery.

Our VR App Development Process

As your VR App developer, App Boxer has over a decade of experience in VR app development and specialises in enterprise software applications for mobile and webs for businesses. Our focus on tailored design solutions and digital strategies is what sets us apart from our competitors and ensures we deliver successful VR apps made exclusively for a company’s individual requirements. Our services have helped everyone from global enterprises to small boutique businesses. Our process covers capabilities from planning and 3D visualisation, 360 degree walkthroughs, scale and depths, hardware configuration, gaming applicationtions, geolocation and more!

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