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Taking the collect away from click and collect, and replacing it with deliver.

The Problem

There is a gap in the delivery market. The lack of same-day or within the hour delivery services by most trade, office, and other suppliers is causing problems for business owners. They waste time and money making unnecessary trips to suppliers and waiting for delivery times after placing online or phone orders.

The issue is faced by suppliers and business owners across all industries, as different types of vehicles are not always available to cater to all delivery types. Additionally, click and collect orders have authorisation barriers, requiring the individual who placed the order to collect it.

The Idea

iDlvr takes the collect away from click and collect, and replaces it with deliver. They deliver click and collect orders, phone orders and much more allowing you to choose your vehicle preference to service industries that typically miss out.

The Solution

App Boxer were approached by the founder to help refine their idea and make it a reality. This involved working through our initial Kick-off Phase, including consultations with the client to refine the business and revenue model, and establishing a unique selling proposition.

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