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Pie Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards its users with true value, providing them with fractional shares on each purchase.

The Idea

Pie Reward’s founder Jamie Ross, had become fed up with retail loyalty programs that failed to provide any real benefits to their customers. He had grown tired of accumulating points or miles only to find out that they couldn’t be redeemed for anything worthwhile.

Jamie wanted to feel appreciated and valued by the brands he shopped with, not just strung along with empty promises.

The Problem

So Pie Rewards was born. Pie Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards its users with fractional shares on each purchase.

Traditionally, to fully benefit from your everyday spending, it is now necessary to participate in multiple loyalty programs. The current loyalty programs have failed to provide adequate rewards for the average Australian, with only high spenders reaping the benefits. As a result, many Australians have lost interest in these programs.

Additionally, it is worth noting that over half of the Australian population does not own any shares.

The Solution

Pie Rewards partners with a variety of retailers who provide rewards to customers when they shop using the Pie Rewards app. Smart customers opt to spend their money with these retail partners, as their shopping rewards can be converted into an investment option of their choosing, unlike typical rewards programs with restrictive redemption conditions.

With the Pie Rewards app, customers can track how their daily spending rewards contribute to their investment portfolio. Pie Rewards enables customers to take full ownership of their investment portfolio, facilitated through the user-friendly platform provided by Pie Rewards.

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