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SHOCT was built to disrupt the maintenance industry of motorbikes as well as other vehicles around the world. The hardware captures data for the performance of the suspension on any trip in real time. Providing everyday enthusiasts with the tools to perform like the professionals.

The Opportunity

SHOCT’s founder, who is an experienced engineer and motorbike enthusiast, built the project to cater to the everyday bike enthusiast, giving them the ability to record, track and analyse data, instantly. It’s a social platform that allows enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of group rides and high end technology without the expense of committing to a professional team.

The Project

The focus of the project was to develop an app that integrates the Bluetooth device, ultimately creating a seamless experience for the user. SHOCT gives enthusiasts access to data performance of suspension on any trip in real time, monitor suspension characteristics and increased safety. The app provides users with relevant data relating to lap times, speed acceleration and lean angle to enhance the users performance.

The Engagement

Our team worked alongside the Founder to deliver an application that integrated the necessary technology providing the user with a seamless experience. This was achieved through our collaborative process that enabled the founder to be part of the development at every step in the process.

Our role in this process was to provide our expertise as the technology partner. With that in mind, we designed the ultimate product for the Founder to understand what was possible. Following this we focused on developing the MVP to test the most valuable functionality, and assisted with the successful application of the NSW MVP Grant.

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