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Designed to enhance the workout experience, QuickRFit is a complete connected solution for your gym members and staff.

The Problem

Gym owners struggle with multiple challenges such as the lack of user experience data, costly connected gym equipment, and as a result uneducated business decisions. The lack of data makes it difficult to identify areas for improvement, while investing in expensive connected gym equipment can be financially challenging.

Additionally, without sufficient data, gym owners may make uneducated decisions when investing in new equipment, resulting in poor gym experiences and low retention rates.

The Solution

Together with App Boxer QuickRFit was born. By using QR code stickers, standard gym equipment can be turned into high-tech smart equipment. This provides gym owners with the data they need to track how their members are utilising the equipment, giving them insights to identify areas of improvement and make informed decisions.

The Delivery

We worked with the client from the very beginning helping shape the product into what it is today, from ideation through to branding and development.

Take a look below to see some higlights.

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