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The leading innovator of biometric identity management solutions.

The Opportunity

Biode already had a backend for facial recognition with physical cameras and onsite equipment. The company recognized the potential for more market opportunities by bringing their facial recognition technology into the mobile space.

The Project

Together with App Boxer by creating an app for mobile security, Biode was able to reach a wider audience and provide a more accessible and convenient way for users to utilize their technology.

This expansion into the mobile space not only allowed for greater market reach but also demonstrated Biode’s commitment to constantly improving and evolving their technology to meet the needs of their customers.

The Delivery

App Boxer was tasked with developing an app for Biode, and we accomplished this by designing and building a Progressive Web App (PWA) that could interface with all of Biode’s existing infrastructure. Despite the tight deadline, we were able to complete the project within two months.

By creating a PWA, Biode’s app was able to function seamlessly across different devices and operating systems, ensuring that users could easily access and utilize their technology. This successful collaboration between Biode and App Boxer highlights the importance of working with skilled and experienced developers to achieve the desired outcomes for any given project.

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