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Sweeney is a comprehensive booking platform for the deaf community paired up with a robust administration tool to help the Sweeney team provide unparallel customer service.

The Client

Sweeney Interpreting Pty Ltd was established in 2015 by Chevoy and Sean Sweeney, who have a combined 50 years of interpreting experience. Since then Sweeney Interpreting has proudly grown to a team of 95 interpreters throughout Australia, supported by a team of 7 deaf staff. Sweeney Interpreting is based in Sydney, serving customers throughout NSW and more across Australia.

The Problem

When serving deaf customers, providing sign language interpretation services is crucial to ensure equal access. However, coordinating remote sign language interpreters who are not in the same local area as the customer can be challenging. Time zone differences, technology barriers, and communication issues can all contribute to these challenges.

The Solution

By leveraging the Founder’s unique experiences and our technical expertise, App Boxer successfully developed a project that caters to the specific needs of the deaf community. The resulting product, Sweeney, is a two-sided marketplace that utilizes a SAAS mobile app to allow the deaf and interpreters to create and manage bookings. This innovative platform provides a seamless and accessible way for the deaf community to access sign language interpretation services, empowering them to communicate effectively and efficiently.

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