15 Sep 2022

17 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an App

The purpose of this blog is to offer plenty of reasons to your readers as to why having an App for their business is essential. The aim is to create awareness of all the benefits and value the business can gain from having an app. Call to action is call App Boxer today to get a free consultation and assessment for your business.

15 Sep 2022

17 Definitive Reasons Why Your Business Needs an App

We’re sure you’ve heard it all before.


  •   “Apps are everywhere!”
  •   “Your business won’t survive without an app!”
  •   “An app is essential if you want to keep your customers happy!”


Sure, while there is an element of truth to each of these statements, it can get pretty old pretty fast when every app developer and his dog are barking these lines at you every time you so much as google the words “app development”. That’s why we want to take a different approach.


In this article, we’re going to clearly explain to you the many reasons WHY your business would benefit from an app – rather than simply tell you that you NEED to have one.


So, put on your headphones, block out all the other noise, and let’s get into it.

But first, a quick reminder: What is app development?

App development refers to the building of mobile or web-based applications that can be used to complement your business and provide additional functionality or support to your customers.


For start-ups and entrepreneur founders, this might mean developing an app that puts your entire business in the palm of your customers’ hands, or building an entire business around a smart app.


For enterprises, however, app development tends to be more about creating an augmentation of your business with an app that extends your offering to your customers or streamlines your current operations.

So, why is building an app so essential for your businesses?

Research shows that mobile users are now spending almost 90% of their screen time on apps, as opposed to browsing the internet.


This means that, by developing an app to complement your business functions, you are empowering your organisation to better connect and communicate with your existing customer base, as this is the medium that they are all spending the most time on.


This reason alone should be enough to convince you that your business needs an app or that you need to create one – but if not, we’ve still got plenty more up our sleeve.

Here are 17 reasons why your business really should have an app

1. To improve brand visibility

If consumers are now spending 90% of their screen time on apps, rather than the internet, it makes sense that having a website is no longer the best way to remain on your audience’s radar – building an app is.


2. To build brand recognition

When customers see your business app, they will immediately make the connection with your brand, putting you at the front of their minds more often.


3. To have a personalised communication channel

Having your own app allows you to communicate with your customers on a platform that’s not limited by an algorithm, such as Facebook or Instagram, helping to bring your community closer to your brand.


4. To have a direct marketing tool

With a business app, you can directly market to and reach your ENTIRE customer base on the one convenient channel.


5. To improve your user experience

An app makes the functions of your business more accessible to your customers and/or staff at any time of the day and allows them to interact with your business when it’s most convenient for them.


6. To provide more value to your customers

Apps help you to provide additional functionality to your customers that they cannot get anywhere else in your business, allowing them to feel important and a valued member of your brand.


7. To increase customer engagement

Providing your customers with a handy app helps to keep them more engaged with your brand more regularly.


8. To capture customer insights

There’s nothing more valuable for your business than customer feedback and insights to help you improve your offering. An app can help you to capture this data with ease – plus, your customers will appreciate the opportunity to be involved in this process.


9. To generate more revenue

Developing an app that makes purchasing your products or booking your services more accessible will help to increase your revenue over time.


10. To improve customer service

An app can help you to provide better and faster customer service to your clients in the form of a live chat feature or additional support in performing regular tasks.


11. To expand your customer base

More potential customers will choose to go with your business simply because you have an app available for them to use.


12. To stand out from the competition

Building an app can help you to provide a point of difference to your customers that they cannot get with anyone else.


13. To encourage customer loyalty

Building incentives into your app could help to encourage your customers to remain loyal to your brand.


14. To leverage tech trends

An app can help your business stay up to date with and take advantage of the latest digital tech trends in your industry.


15. To sell your products faster

An app can streamline the customer transaction while also providing faster access to the products or services they need.


16. To retain more customers

While your website is much more suited for acquiring customers, providing them with an app makes it much easier to retain them. Having both a website and an app is far more beneficial to your business than only having one or the other.


17. To have a digital asset you can control

If Facebook sinks, you don’t want your business to sink with it. An app provides your business with a valuable digital asset that you are in total control of, no matter what may happen to the other platforms around you.


Wow, yes – we just gave you 17.


So, are you ready to reap the benefits and realise the value of developing your own business app?

The App Boxer team are the experts in developing the business applications you need to succeed

App Boxer is a Sydney app development agency with a passion for innovation and a keen eye for detail every step of the way. App Boxer also has a London-based app development agency office too, for all UK app dev needs. 


As a global team, we take a holistic approach to app development, providing support for your entire journey. From idea generation and MVP development through to testing and marketing, you’ll get everything you need and more with App Boxer.


Book a free consultation with App Boxer today to discover how we can help you to build the best app solution for your business.

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