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App Boxer is your Melbourne-based Mobile App Development company that builds stunning user-centered mobile applications for local enterprises and startups, using an innovative development approach. The interfaces and software we construct are heavily dependent on your business objectives, your products and your unique needs to best reach your target audience.
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Our App Boxer whizzes have the talent on honing in on these individual requirements and pinpointing which technical solutions can lift your business operations to the next level.

Our App Development Process

Whether you’re a local startup or an existing business, our experts can ‘Make it ‘Appen!’ App Boxer’s driven, smart and experienced team is ready to collaborate with you on your next app project. At our app development headquarters in Melbourne, you are guaranteed:

  • Risk-free & transparent consultation: We can discuss your ideas and plans. We’ll advise you on your market potential, new business opportunities, product cost and develop a marketing strategy that suits you!
  • Kick-Off Phase / Architecture phase: Based on a brief tailored to you, we build a solution to pitch to decision-makers. We’re prepared to make you look good, by executing at every stage.
  • Product Development: Our flexible development process can be tailored to suit your needs. We identify the most suitable code for your app’s functionality, so you can better grow your business with a high-quality product.
  • Support & Maintenance: For growth and peace of mind, we know about your product inside and out! We can be a procured technology maintenance partner, or build the platform for your team to control and manage so you know exactly where to find areas of improvement.

iOS/iPhone Mobile Apps

Whether you’re keen on building a mobile app for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or any other iOS device, it is no doubt that the iOS app market in Melbourne is booming with Apple’s strong mobile app market share. App Boxer has experienced Apple app developers in Melbourne, delivering high-performing products for iPhone iOS mobile applications which run on both iPad and iPhone, including the latest iPhone and iPad devices.

Google Play/Android Mobile Apps

Want to reach a global audience? Android is the best mobile platform with the greatest installed user base. With figures rising, ensuring that you have a solid Android mobile development strategy is important in your go-to-market plans. Android features open APIs and a flexible interface, which means a greater number of varied screen sizes to consider, and diversifying functions to choose from.

App Development Melbourne: Enterprises & Small Startups

Mobility Apps for Enterprise:

App Boxer has the expertise and wealth of knowledge as a leading app developer for Melbourne businesses. Not just for the B2C end of market, but for education and entertainment Enterprise mobility and productivity.

Our experts use industry-leading technologies and a holistic design process that factors your current app development costs, your overall budget and user satisfaction within your business to guarantee an ROI-driven outcome.

We build apps tailored to streamlining your business process and user community productivity. Looking into design strategy, UI/UX design, analysis and planning to testing, our mobile app development solutions and methodology prioritises user onboarding and client satisfaction, including any accessibility considerations that may target any device present.

Mobility Apps for Startups:

Our Melbourne app developers understand that your startup requires a balance between saving invaluable startup capital vs ensuring you get a minimum viable product (MVP) into your market quickly. We can help clarify your app ideas, research the trending apps to consider, build a stunning prototype and develop an effective UX and UI design process that works for your end users. Once your app has been deployed, we’ll pinpoint solutions to drive downloads and use top-tier app analytics to measure your success.

We can work with you on building a stunning user interface and an accompanying style guide that matches your brand. Our experts will be particularly careful to ensure that app features and functions don’t get lost in the app development process. Most importantly, our holistic process can ensure we build an app quickly, efficiently and within a budget that suits your needs.

Get in touch with our app developers in Melbourne to discover more about our enterprise and startup mobile apps and mobile app development solutions.

What’s in it for you?

Whether you’re aiming to share key information and objectives across your organisation, automate a new process and share it with clients or manage large volumes of data, App Boxer is here to help.

As a startup, you want to look into developing an app that solves your key business issues, and automates a currently manual process. Our app developers in Melbourne can ensure your debut into the market is seamless and without any technical hiccups.

For enterprises, you most likely want to create a mobile application that fulfills both your business’s branding requirements and a complete experience exchange to users, and increase better turnover rate and productivity. At App Boxer, we can help you report app analytics and performances that are imperative to boost your success.

Let our expert Melbourne app development team create a development process to get you there.

Our Mobile App Development Projects
From brand identity rescues, rescue campaigns to building innovative interfaces from scratch, here are some of the few case studies we are most proud of. Explore our projects.

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