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App Boxer understands the power of attention, customer experience and devotion based on the strategy and tactics of a strong brand identity for all Mobile App products. In the world of branding, “Brand Identity” can encapsulate anything from a redesign of your current logo, a fresh mobile app, a reconfigure of your website content and social media, and other marketing activities. As a result, branding becomes an essential tool to build on your value proposition and gauge successful user experience. Whether your user will use your app every day and refer it to others, it all depends on if you can create that ‘emotional connection” to your brand. No enterprise can implement a branding strategy successfully without adopting a mobile-first approach too. In addition to connecting and communicating with customers through the app, an enterprise also needs to explore ways to use the app as an extension to its brand image.
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Launching a new brand? We can develop a unique position and identify a branding strategy and app development solutions that define the individuality of your business. At App Boxer, we can modernise or revitalise your existing brand to evolve with its customers, and retain its core strengths and values. From strategy, implementation to tracking, no stone is left unturned when it comes to making your brand come to life.

Our Services

  • Brand tagline and development
  • Refresh campaigns
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand rollout
  • Brand audit and strategy

The Brand Development Process

    • Brand development redefined- It’s the process of strengthening your professional services’ brand. Your strategy is how you go about aligning your brand with your business objectives, developing the tools needed to communicate your brand like your logo and tagline, and strengthening your updated brand.


    • Considering your overall business strategy: Your overall business strategy is the context that helps you develop your brand strategy. As part of our branding services, we can help you define clear objectives to help you get to where you need to be.


    • Identifying your target clients: We can help you narrow down your target audience for a faster growth.


    • Researching your target client group: Our experts look into understanding your target client’s perspective, their priorities, anticipate their needs and put your branding message in a language/tone of voice that resonates with your target audience. We can also pinpoint areas of your business’s strength to minimise marking risk.


    • Develop your brand positioning: We determine how your business compares to others, and why potential clients within your desired target audience should choose to work with you. We draft up a statement that encapsulates your brand positioning, and ‘delivers’ what you promise.


    • Developing your message strategy: Now’s the time to translate your brand positioning into messages to your target audience, which can include potential employees, clients and customers. Core branding must remain consistent for all audiences, but each audience will be interested in different aspects of your messaging. Every concern your target audience may experience should be addressed. We can help you clarify the types of evidence which supports your messages.


    • Developing your name, logo and tagline: Your logo, name and tagline are not the brand alone. They only make part of your brand identity, and symbolise your brand.


    • Develop your content marketing strategy: Content marketing in brand development is particularly useful in today’s digital age. It makes use of valuable educational content to nurture, attract and qualify prospects. Brand strength is driven by visibility and reputation, which makes it the perfect way to make your brand identity relevant to your target audience.


    • Develop your website: A website can be your single most important brand development. Think of it as the go-to stop where your target audience turns to learn about your products and services, how you provide them and your varying clients. If your site sends the wrong message, prospective clients may move elsewhere.


    • Building your marketing toolkit: Your marketing toolkit can include overviews and sale-sheets of your core products, describing your service offerings and a general summary of your business. When key services are offered appropriately, they not only serve as an important branding services tool but can increase your business development function.


  • Implement, track and adjust: Our App Boxer branding experts can track and monitor your branding strategy once it’s implemented. We can assess whether implementation went on as planned, how many new leads and employee opportunities were generated to measure search traffic. Only by tracking your entire branding development process can we guarantee that you are making the right adjustments when necessary.

Our Branding Projects

From brand identity rescues, rebrand campaigns and creative projects, here are just some of the few branding development case studies we are most proud of.

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