16 Apr 2020

In a Time of Corona – How Do I Launch My Idea?

In normal times, taking the first step towards seeing that dream coming true is easily drowned out by everything else going on. It is easy (or maybe hard), for days, weeks and months slip by, and not even one step towards developing your App has been taken. This is because let’s face it, we are all busy racing from one thing to the next.

16 Apr 2020
Dreaming of turning your crazy app idea into something, but no clue where to start? This is a problem every new inventor, every entrepreneur and founder faces…
In a time of corona, How do I launch my new idea?

Launching my Idea?

In an ordinary world, the stresses, distractions and excuses that prevent us from pursuing that crazy app idea are everywhere. You sit in your office 9, 10 maybe even 11 hours a day, you get on the bus home, you’re exhausted, you cook dinner, muster up the strength to do the dishes then pass out. Those with kids have twice the juggle and twice the exhaustion! The next day, you aim to wake up early, to research and work out what to do with your idea, but you don’t, you sleep late, and it’s groundhog day…


The cycle repeats day after day.


You tell yourself that you will take that first step on the weekend instead. You’ll have the time and the energy then. The weekend rolls around, and the last thing you feel like doing is getting on your laptop and using your brain. You struggle to start even though deep inside, you know that doing something with your idea could mean the end of all the monotony of the week just passed.


Now, with everything so different in the world, your situation in thinking about how to take that first step maybe even worse… we aren’t living in an ordinary world anymore. For most of us there is no more commute to the office and we are at home, working if we are lucky enough to still have a job. No more racing from one thing to another, no more filling your life with endless “busyness” and distractions. You may still feel a little exhausted, stressed and uncertain – probably more than ever.


But time – a once all-too-valuable resource – seems a-plenty.


And so now is clearly the time. You have time and freedom is in short supply. On the other side of this you have a chance to be somewhere new, on your way to freedom, to unleash your idea on the world – as changed as it might be.


Terrified? Of course, but having (or making) the time to do something is the first of many steps. That first step seems less daunting now, you get a massive surge of motivation and purpose. You wake up in your newly optimised home office (ok, it’s a living room, but it feels fresh) and get to work.


You read that you need a business plan, so you open up a word doc and begin to write. You’ve found a brilliant template, and all you need to do is fill it in… voila, a few hours later you have a solid business plan!


Now what?


There are so many options on where to go from here. In fact, thinking about it, the business plan has thrown up a lot of questions that you really don’t know the answers to.


Is your idea really any good? Is there a market? How much should it cost? How much does an app like this cost?


Doubt creeps in, maybe it isn’t the most solid of business plans. You’ve got an awesome solution for a clear problem and your business plan shows that beautifully.


Guess you could take a break, there is that awesome series about some Tiger guy on Netflix. Watch that, and feel better about life (you are not that weird). What about learning yoga? That seems cool, Netflix and online yoga.


After that, you’ll get back to the business plan.


Zoom Friday night drinks, in the meantime glued to the news and social feeds and productivity on progressing your dream slows, time seems to be disappearing again, you try to get back that mojo, but what day is it? Tomorrow, you’ll get back to it, right? Stuck. Again.


Developing an app is simple if you know the right steps to take.


What you really need to be doing is canvasing your idea with others.


Often here is where the dream of building an App dies. Getting advice from others can be daunting. The worry about sharing the idea and having someone to steal it, can prevent entrepreneurs from testing out or sharing their ideas with others. So this potential pot of gold sits on the shelf (or actually hopefully backed up in the cloud). It is wistfully thought about from time to time, but never launched, never turned into something real or even validated as the great idea that they believe they have.


And so often in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we see friends, colleagues, connections, (and even some of us), who have lost a huge opportunity falling into this abyss of not knowing where to go next.


The worst part? Six months after they drafted their idea, they see someone else has launched it in the app store.


What can app boxer do to help?


The team at App Boxer can help you with these next steps, we are the experts, share your idea with us(We have NDAs), and we will help you see that App turn into reality.


Right now, this is the right time to execute and capitalise on that valuable idea. You’ll never get this pause again in your lifetime. This is the time where you literally have ‘nothing to lose’. Grasp this moment – this opportunity – and let App Boxer help you capture the entrepreneur within and help get your product to market.

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