23 Dec 2020

App Boxers year in review 2020 – Resilience

This year has been the most disruptive year for most people in the world of the last 50 years. It has made it extremely hard for many families, businesses and Founders in almost every possible way. Just as you might think to say “This can’t get any worse right?”, the Universe decides to throw another curveball to test your resilience.

23 Dec 2020
As with many other businesses, App Boxer had a number of conversations to map out scenarios where a potential downturn might affect us. We planned for the worst and hoped for the best every day.
We made decisions quickly to stay ahead of the unknown. Luckily, we were one of the fortunate few who found opportunity in the uncertainty. I can also confidently say the App Boxer team has weathered the storm and we’ve come out stronger. I am incredibly proud and grateful for everyone to say the least.

Here is what we’ve been up to this year

  • Completed 80+ projects with high-quality output and a large portion showing revenue or traction in the first 6 months of launch.


  • Recognised as one of the top 3 app development agencies in Sydney:


    And, top 6 app development agencies in Australia:


  • We hired, hired and hired to double our team while maintaining the purpose and direction of our culture.

  • Moved from our 75sqm office (which had no room for social distancing) to a beautiful space that lifted the experience for staff and visitors. It will allow us to grow for a few more years… we hope.

  • Started a new marketing agency; The X/OVER.Agency, which is utilizing all the amazing creative talent we have in-house to deliver a new benchmark in marketing partnership to growing industries in any sector. X/OVER has been a fantastic fit for Founders launching a new business as well as existing businesses who are looking to enter new markets. 2021 here we come!

  • We initiated an international growth strategy to engage new Founders in 3 major cities around the world.
    Overall, a positive end to the year that we can celebrate.

    Thank you to our wonderful team who has owned their roles and kicked-it up a gear to produce amazing work for our Founders amongst the chaos of lockdowns (and a chaotic office move!). This year was a win because of you.


    Thank you to every Founder who we’ve had the opportunity to work with this year. You encompass true entrepreneurial spirit to see your opportunity within the storm and back yourselves. It’s been a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to the next phase of our partnership.


    It’s a love-hate relationship but goodbye 2020, You’ve done enough.

    Signing off
    Founder and CEO
    Zyran Erasmus

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