Why Visibility is Important to your Business

  1. Obviously if someone doesn’t know you offer particular services or products, they won’t pay for it. The first challenge is to make people aware of what you offer; this gives you the avenue to peruse those particular people for a possible sale or deal. The more your prospective clients/customers see, hear and read about you on different platforms – Facebook Posts, Articles, Radio shows etc… – The more you are seen as an expert.
  2. The Second challenge is to stay visible. Everyone has heard the saying “Out of sight, out of mind” so you must create direct channels to stay in contact with your target audience. This could be anything from a weekly email letting your audience know you posted a new blog post to a Smartphone Application that sends push notifications to all the users to let them know you are having a sale or a discounted offer.
  3. When people see and hear what you have to say, Chances are they’ll go to your website to learn more. This is a terrific opportunity to get these visitors on your list and show them what else they can get from you.
  4. When your prospective customers are ready to purchase what you offer, you want to be the first business that comes to mind. If you stay in front of them on a regular basis, chances are you will receive the call for a potential sale or deal when they are ready.
  5. Visibility also attracts affiliates, partners and joint ventures. Not only are you seen as an expert to these people, but your effective and constant marketing is seen as a benefit of working with you.

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