Why Does Your Small Business Need a Mobile App?

You might not believe that your small business is large enough to require its own mobile app. Given the popularity of using cell phones and tablets to connect online, this attitude could cause you to miss a chance to connect with customers. It’s helpful to just make sure that your company’s website works well on mobile devices; however, a mobile app can do more to engage consumers.

Why Should a Small Business Invest in Mobile Apps?

Just consider these results from a recent Gallup poll that sought to understand how people used their smartphones:

.   Seventy-five percent of mobile phone users said that they checked their device at least once each hour.

.   These frequent phone users reported spending about 90 percent of their phone time using apps.

Why not connect with consumers on the devices that they’re already using and in a way that they prefer? An app can set you apart from your competition, help you attract new customers, and encourage repeat sales. If you can get phone users to download your app, you can also help improve brand recognition because these users are likely to see your company logo every time they swipe through the apps on their phone.

How to Use an App to Grow Your Small Business

Exactly how can you offer consumers value with an app? Consider these suggestions:

.   You can notify customers about new promotions. For instance, you might send a notification when you’re running a sale or have new products.

.   You might offer special app-only discounts or even a rewards program. Customers will see the value of using your app this way.

.   You can use this kind of software to run surveys, encourage social sharing, and improve communication with you or your customer service team.

.   You might include some tools that are related to your business inside the app. For instance, a financial planner might offer some savings or investment calculators. A pet store could include maps for dog parks.

It’s even better if your app can offer your customers a personalized experience. If you sell shoes, you’ll convert better if you can base your promotions upon past purchases or likely purchases that are based upon demographics.

Is Developing a Quality App Too Expensive for a Small Business?

Please don’t dismiss the idea of having a mobile app developed because you think you can’t afford it. Many app developers specifically cater to your market, and they can create surprisingly good applications for smaller companies with limited marketing budgets. These developers have experience with companies just like yours, so they know how much you’re likely to pay and what you’re likely to need. You can always get your first application developed with somewhat limited features. Once you see that your mobile app helps you profit, you can expand it later with an additional investment.

Besides, most successful business owners will say that they always spend money on investments that can help them profit. If your mobile app can help you improve brand recognition, customer loyalty, and sales, your investment should provide you with nice returns.

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