Top 5 Mistakes People Make While Hiring an App Developer

Are you armed with an existing ‘Mobile App’ idea and now looking for a developer who can turn your idea into a reality?

Well, there is a plethora of mobile app developers available globally who can help your business have a presence in the mobile era. However, in the industry full of coders, most make the worst mistakes while hiring a mobile app developer and end up regretting.

Save yourself from regrets and ensure your idea is a success!

Look at the common mistakes that people are likely to make when hiring an app developer. Keep them in mind and make sure you don’t make these blunders.


Failing To The Verify Of Credentials

Before settling down on an app developer, you need to make sure that you explore all your options. Go through the credentials of the ones you shortlist and have a look at their previous work if available. This is the bare minimum that you should demand without an exception.

Also, assess whether the developer has prior experience in your niche. This makes a huge difference as it is likely to reflect in the app’s user experience.

Additionally, try if you can talk to his previous clients and whether or not are they satisfied with his work. A good developer will usually provide client references willingly before you even ask.


Favoring Local Mobile App Developers

Consider the ability to collaborate with a team locally where you can sit around a table and discuss everything regarding the project inside and out. This is beneficial for the designing process as it allows for much better brainstorming sessions but it’s also a major component when things start to go wrong.  


Freelancer Over Team

It is true that there are freelancers available globally that can get the job done for you. These developers are excellent when it comes to coding and sometimes even better than the ones in top IT solution companies. But this does feel like a more riskier approach as the freelance market is overflowing with people who know how to take advantage of people who are full of passion and excitement.  

However, we would strongly suggest choosing a team of individuals over a single freelancer. This is because the ‘App’ is more than just a sum of codes and algorithms. The look of the app, its user interface, and other such factors are equally important to the success of the app. You will also need a team of app testers, back-end developers and business analysts so unless you already have a team comprising of them; you should drop the idea of hiring an individual.


Skewed Towards Costing

You will never receive a good product if you keep looking for something cheap. Costing is a significant factor and we totally agree but keeping the budgets too tight is a very bad idea. If your developer thinks that your priority is cost and not the quality of the app, he might even deliver a half-baked product since that’s what you asked.

Building an app takes a lot of planning, designing and coding all of which might want your developers to sacrifice their sleep and personal life. They will also need to develop the app for two different platforms – iOS and Android that happen to be the most used mobile operating systems.

Further, you cannot just spend money once to build an app and never spend a penny on its maintenance. No app is bug-free in its first iteration and when it lands on the app stores, users might report various problems with it. For your users to have a bug free experience make sure your app is updated at regular intervals and incorporates new features every few months to keep your users invested in your business idea.

This is why you need to build a healthy relationship with your developers since you will need them to keep working on your application even after its release.


Coding Is Everything

Like we mentioned earlier, coding is just one part of the mobile app development. There are other factors that play an equal if not greater part in its success. The most notable of them is the design. The person is going to see past your app in the Play Store right away if it does not have a sophisticated logo. The unprofessional logo signifies too many cost deductions and it is likely that an app like that will feature terrible design inside the app as well.

Then comes the UI which is the user interface. 60% of your app is all about how the user interacts with it. If the UI is confusing or lagging in performance, the users might switch to other similar apps on the store.

There are some great applications on the Play Store that can even help you convert a YouTube video into an mp3 by just pasting the link. This eliminates the need to download the video first onto your mobile storage. However, these kinds of apps have the worst UI and design and people still end up uninstalling them even with great utility features.

These were some of the things that you should totally avoid when choosing an app developer. Always remember to research extensively before handling the project to an amateur. If you need any advice regarding the things to look out for while looking for app developers feel free to drop by our offices in Sydney, Bella Vista.


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