UI Design & UX Design Services

UI Design & UX Design Services

App Boxer creates tailored UI and UX solutions and digital strategies to create an application tailored to our client’s user requirements, and intuitive to use.

  • In-depth audit for a more successful end-user journey
  • Rapid interactive prototyping
  • User research and analysis
  • UX design services

Why UI Design & UX Design Matters

In order to attract your target audience, and build brand awareness and credibility, then it’s imperative to give them the best experience possible so they come back. For that, you need the power of UX/UI design. From a business perspective, user experience (UX) can refer to the number of impressions of your app or website. The number of good, neutral or bad impressions can highly impact how your app or site contributes to your ROI. Therefore it is imperative to turn to an experienced UX/UI expert to provide you with the best end-user and interface solutions so you can make the most out of your bottom line. If you are unable to influence your target audience to make the decisions they want, then it leads to poor design. Optimal UX design services can help you examine your app’s goals, the presentation of your site or app interface and the behaviours of our audience. Without optimal UI design and UX design, we will fail to attract potential customers and provide them with the easiest avenue to make decisions that will benefit them the most.

UX design benefits:

Our UX/UI Strategies

At App Boxer, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box to deliver high-performing UX/UI design services and solutions that are equally pleasing to look at visually, and ensure your customers are making the right kind of interactions and decisions. Our qualified team tackles every back and front-end element of your website or accompanying app’s function and form. We develop custom wireframes for both iOS and Android and tailored to boost an end-user’s journey, create stunning graphic visuals in line with your brand to monitor for bugs, and maintain user-experience post-launch.

As app building experts, we always keep the end-user at the forefront of our design considerations, and offer a full range of design interaction services, usability tests and audits to ensure they are getting exactly what they want. At App Boxer, we believe our collaborative and flexible building process combined with our participatory mindset sets us apart from our competitors. We care about your project and your end goals, and keep an open line of communication with you the moment we take on your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UX/UI Design?

UI design (User interface design) is the conceptual design of user interfaces. Basically, the design is to positively affect anything the user could interact with while using a physical digital product/service. This can include anything from touchscreens, keyboards, sounds to lights.

UX design (User design experience) meanwhile, are strategies that positively affect user experience, evolved as a result of improvements to the user interface. Experiences can be positive, negative, or neutral throughout these interactions with the product.

Why is UX/UI Design Important

When it comes to boosting your growth of business, you need a strong combination of UI design and UX design. UX/UI design of a mobile application or website is absolutely essential to improve both the user experience and customer satisfaction. This can ultimately lead to an increase in the number of users for that product or service.

How much does UX Design cost?

The cost of user experience is a bit of an abstract concept as it’s dependent on the functionality and overall complexity required from your upcoming product. We’ve reviewed the key stages of UI/UX design to assess the overall cost breakdown:

  • Discovery & research (2-3 weeks): Business model description, value proposition, personas list, user journey mapping; Cost: $3,000 - $4,000
  • Conceptual (2 weeks): High-fidelity wireframes, proptypes; Cost: $5,000 - $10,000
  • Detailed design (3-4 weeks): UI mobile design of all screen; Cost: $5,000 - $10,000

What is the difference between UX & UI design?

At its basic level, UI design consists of all the elements that allow a user to interact with or product or online service. Compared to UI, UX design is what the person who is interacting with said product or service, takes way from the overall experience.

Why choose App Boxer for UX/UI design?

Simple, as your next UI and UX designers, we think outside of the box to deliver a product that is both stunning to look at and use, and offers a seamless experience that anyone can enjoy. Solid user experience design and development is central to each of our services and design solutions. With a range of specialities ranging from native app development to rescue projects and validation testing, we ensure all deliverables are tailored to the needs of your market and brand.

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