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With offices in Sydney and Melbourne, App Boxer is your local game development agency providing stunning innovative mobile game solutions for businesses big and small. Our services have transformed hundreds of ideas into custom-made projects that create a social impact and educate the masses. Whether you’re looking to develop a game for fun on Android, or after an accompanying iOS app that builds on your existing brand identity, our full-service team can deliver all aspects of a game development project.

App Boxer comprehends that hard results aren’t optional. We also understand that no one wants to waste money on a game development project that doesn’t meet its goals. We work with you from strategy to implementation to monitoring post-launch, guaranteeing a results-first approach. Our experts articulate your mobile game vision to give you a stunning prototype, eventually bringing your game to life.

With App Boxer, you can expect 100% customer transparency and satisfaction, because our team communicates progress updates around the clock.

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Mobile Game Development: Our Platforms

Bringing together creativity, innovation and technology.

At App Boxer, we believe technology should enhance creativity, not hinder it. Our experienced team will explore every project aspect and test new, industry-leading technologies to get your mobile app where it needs to be.

iOS platform

Intuitive, powerful and popular, mobile game development for iOS devices can generate twice as much revenue compared to Android Apps, provides robust security measures protecting business’s sensitive data, and makes use of advancing game development technologies. Keen on getting your mobile game app a 5-star rating and launching it to millions of Apple mobile users worldwide? Our experts in iOS app development can create incredible apps that deliver extraordinary results!


Launch games on Google Play on an unprecedented scale with App Boxer! Android apps have a significantly higher market share compared to Apple (75% more!). If you need a game asap, Android games are easier to integrate and customise and the best open source platform. This means you can reap the advantages of licensing, royalty-free, and the best technology framework. Just look into our hybrid app development services for more information.

Our Game Development Projects Projects

From creating educational native apps, rescue projects and anything in between, here are just some of the few mobile game development case studies we are most proud of.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of game development?

Mobile game development is a lengthy process that takes time, effort, innovation and no short amount of creativity. Our App Boxer experts clarify the most significant development features step by step:

  1. Choose a game idea: The game idea is the foundation and should be concrete to boost your chances of your app’s success post launch.

  2. Create an attractive game concept: Create a storyline that gives its end users a purpose to play, keep them engaged and hooked for hours.

  3. Select a mobile app platform: Consider the trends in the mobile game development world. Ask yourself whether you want to develop your games for multiple platforms, or for Android or iOS only.

  4. Prepare a game design document (GDD): This document contains an in-depth description of all of your game elements, including the game mechanics, technologies and tools used for future development.

  5. Make the game structure: Structure can heavily impact sales, therefore it requires a great attention to detail. Assess the graphics, environment, texture and if you desire your game to be 2D or 3D.

  6. Plan for wireframing: Wireframing provides a clear view of the feel and functionality of your mobile game application. Consider a visual guide/prototype to assist you.

  7. Write code: Choosing suitable programming language and flawless code ensures the game is being developed as per your expectations.

  8. Test your game: Test each module of your mobile game to prevent additional costs from incurring.

  9. Select the right monetisation strategy: Obtain maximum ROI by planning your monetisation strategy beforehand. The three most common strategies include in-app advertisement, in-app purchases, and subscription/membership plans.

  10. Release the game app: Read the guidelines of the platform that you want to launch your mobile game on. If your game is in compliance, hit the launch button.

  11. Take care of post-release support and maintenance: Releasing the app isn’t the last step of mobile game development. You will need to provide regular maintenance and support services to ensure your game works flawlessly every time.

How much does game development cost?

This depends on the scope of your mobile game development project. You will have to factor in the costs of a game development team (with rights), device and software costs, GDD per hours costs, and additional labour costs.

Mobile game created for the AppStore (iOS) and Google Play (Android) -
Costs for a game development agency to build a mobile game for either can range from $ 15,000 for simple mini-games to $ 350,000 for multi-player games. Prices also depend on the features you wish to integrate, including payment systems and administrative functions, and whether you want your game to function in 2D or 3D. Features are 20% more expensive for iOS than Android.

Pre development costs
For a game development process to be successful and well structured, a game development agency creates a strategy in the form of a GDD document that includes game details. The GDD document is the basis of the whole project.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced team for more information on the costs breakdown.

Why does game development take so long?

Depending on the size, scope and platform of your game development project, the process may take anywhere from a month to a few years. Most modern console or PC games can take from three to five years, whereas mobile game development is often a few months. Length of development is influenced by a variety of factors, including how engaging the genre and storyline of the game, the scale, considering the development platform, and number of assets.

What platforms do you offer for game development?

At App Boxer, we offer mobile game development services for the following platforms- Android (Google Play) and iOS (Apple). We rely on cross platform mobile game development using the Unity game engine.

What is the difference between a game designer and developer?

While a game designer and a game developer (game programmer) are both active roles in game development, their responsibilities vary. A game designer will focus on building the creative vision of the game, the game flows and how end users enjoy the game.

A game developer, however, looks into the technical methods of implementing the ideas of the signers, and using code to bring these design elements to life.

Why choose App Boxer for game development?

At App Boxer, quality programming and experience are our ethos. As your game development agency we provide a holistic approach to user experience, and ensuring your creative vision and story comes to life. Whether it is direct to gamers or to streamline your business objects, our mobile game development services are proven to capture the attention of your user.

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