iOS App Development

iOS App Development

Looking to expand your reach to over a billion of Apple product users? Partner with App Boxer to get smart, innovative and streamlined business mobility solutions and applications for iPhone, IPad and iWatch. With over a decade of experience, our hardworking team of iOS developers in Sydney have helped businesses big and small boost their brand awareness by building world class user-friendly apps that not only look beautiful, but drive their business growth and ROI to new heights. Our unique ‘out of the box’ process and app development services has helped many companies achieve their business goals to make an impact in their market. Challenge us with your iOS app development project and let us help you create a mobile app that’s exclusive to your brand.

Our Apple Developer Services

Whether it’s a mini game or an app to read the latest fiction novels, our team at App Boxer offers iOS app development services for all Apple devices - Apple TV, smartphones, watches and iPads. With a speciality in native app development and rescue projects, we can design and build a sleek interface and guarantee top-tier user experience inspired by your business idea. With App Boxer, you can also expect full design consultations, expert wireframing and blueprints, high-end coding as well as app maintenance and management services after launch. Whatever your niche, our expertise has allowed us to develop iOS apps for a number of industries from sport, healthcare, education and more.

Services include:

Why work with us

At App Boxer, customer transparency and communication is our ethos. We make sure that you are fully onboard with design decisions from the initial concept design, market research and development stages to the final product launch. When we develop iOS apps, we strictly adhere to Apple’s strict privacy, security and user-experience guidelines and agile methodologies. Compared to our competitors, we keep you in the loop, involving clients and team members throughout the product development, therefore, making sure your iOS application fully reflects and addresses your business goals, and your user needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is iOS app development?

iOS app development is the exclusive process of making mobile applications for Apple hardware including iPhone and iPads. It makes use of specific software, written in the Swift programming language or Objective-C language. It is then deployed to the App store for users to download.

What is the process of iOS app development?

iOS app development process in practice, requires frequent testing and continuous maintenance until the app exists on the app store. iOS developers need to take several precautions set up by Apple to ensure a secure and private user-friendly experience. The following steps provide a detailed guideline.

Initial Research & Analysis
The market is extremely competitive so it’s imperative to conduct a competitor analysis, market research and comply with Apple's strict iOS guidelines for design security.


  • Wireframing - Developing the foundation stages for the subsequent app design process. This includes creating blueprints/digital sketches showing how the app would look like.
  • UI/UX design - Determining the user experience and how the overall app design interface will look like.
  • Software architecture - This key component accounts for the three attributes of the model view controller (MVC) - data, user and software. It involves all measures to ensure the stability and scalability of the app.

Applying Required Steps in iOS App development

This is the crucial stage of where your iOS app concept comes to life. It features three integral parts of the project.

  • Backend development - editing app functionality features from server-side, maintenance, account authentication, push notifications etc.
  • APIs - Application Programming Interface serves as the link between the front and backend.
  • Front-end development - the side that directly interacts with the user

Testing & Finishing
  • QA testing of the developed product - review optimised performance, seamless user-experience, debugging, optimal memory usage, compliant with guidelines set by Apple
  • Maintenance - Once the app has been deployed, the iOS app needs to be monitored through app analytic platforms to patch any functional and security bugs, updating app features, or consider customer feedback.

How much does it cost to develop an iOS app?

iOS app development services are dependent on the size and complexity of your project, as well as the rate for programming services. Development costs can cover:

Designs with animation

  • Prototyping
  • Custom solutions
  • Unexpected outcomes, changes and post-maintenance

An average iOS app development project costs are as follows:
  • Simple iOS apps with basic functionalities (2 months to build); Costs: $25,000
  • More complex apps (over 2 months of development); $50,000
  • High complexity iOS (six months or more of development); $80,000-$250,000

Why develop an iOS app?

Brands that develop iOS apps are companies that care and desire to provide better customer service to their customers. The more enjoyable the app and easier to use, increases the relationship between customer and business. iOS apps in particular have an easy to navigate interface, and Apple product users always praise the controlled environment about Apple product devices. Additionally, iOS app development takes significantly less time than its Android app counterpart as there’s only one wireframe to create.

Why choose App Boxer for iOS app development?

At App Boxer, we can specifically tailor a unique native app solution that is exclusive to your upcoming iOS app. Solid user experience design and development is key to our design solutions and products. With a range of specialities ranging from rescuing projects to extensive validation testing, we ensure all deliverables are tailored to the needs of your market and brand.

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