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Whether you are a startup or a long-running enterprise, App Boxer’s driven team of app developers is ready to collaborate with you on your next Hybrid app development project.

  • Exclusive 1-2 year development plan
  • Map out user journey
  • Top-tier UI/UX services
  • Interactive high-fidelity prototype

Assisting over 30+ clients and trusted by industry leaders, we create exciting new web interfaces, and provide top-of-the-line UI/UX development and design to robust native app development strategies to design the best app we can.

Hybrid App Mobile Development Case Studies

The app that makes booking Auslan interpreters quick and easy.


Brand + UX/UI + Development + Web

An app to help bike enthusiasts track their suspension data.


Brand + UX/UI + Development + Web

An exercise app for the elderly.


Brand + UX/UI + Development + Web

What can we do for you?

Hybrid app development is the creation of software that uses the combination of native app development and website development elements. At App Boxer, our experienced team provides end to end hybrid mobile app development solutions tailored for your individual tech requirements.

Our App developers at App Boxer will take the time thoroughly mapping out your 1-2 year development plan while weighing up the pros and cons with you in order to decide if hybrid app development is right for you. From expanding your creative vision, the strategy development to the official launch of your new app, the App Boxer team exists to make your digital creation the best it can be.

If you’re not sure if Hybrid app development is for you then feel free to reach out and we’ll help you weigh up the options.

Let's talk about what it takes to make your app, get funding and do something amazing, today.


What is a hybrid app?

Hybrid App Development involves the creation of single applications which can be run and used on multiple operating systems on smartphones. Operating systems include Windows, Android and iOS.

What is the process for hybrid app development?

The hybrid app development process features several key components that must be addressed before implementation and launch. Follow our step-by-step checklist to see if you have things covered!

  1. Strategy - Defining your competitive landscape, your targeted app users and mobile platform preference for your upcoming app strategy.

  2. Analysis and Planning - Identifying your future app’s set requirements to create a product roadmap. This includes prioritising technical needs and regrouping delivery milestones.

  3. UI/UX design - This phase aims to deliver a seamless user experience and polished design. Your success is dependent on how well users are adopting and benefiting from your native app’s features. User experience solutions include:

    • Information architecture
    • Wireframes
    • Style guides
    • Mockups
    • Prototypes
  4. App development & High-Level Technical Design - Programming efforts start. Define the following three components; back-end technology, API(s) and the mobile app front-end. Hybrid app development in Sydney, it has a specific front-end development approach. As hybrid apps are built using web technologies, (HTML, CSS, Javascript) they need to be installed via a native wrapper using the following tools like Cordova, Phone Gap, and Ionic. This option can be the least expensive but it comes with challenges.

  5. Testing - Ensuring your native application is stable and usable with frequent quality assurance testing. Your native app should undergo the following testing methods:

    Talk with our experts to learn more.

  6. Testing - Ensuring your native application is stable and usable with frequent quality assurance testing. Your native app should undergo the following testing methods:

    • User experience testing
    • Functional testing
    • Performance testing
    • Device and platform testing

Deployment and support

Submit your app to the app stores, Apple App Store for iOS apps and Google Play apps for Android. Make sure you have a developer account and app features the following metadata:

  • Your app’s title
  • Description
  • Category
  • Keywords
  • Launch icon
  • App store screenshots

What is the difference between a hybrid app and a native app?

The Hybrid app development process is unique as it uses both web and native mobile application features.

Hybrid apps are constructed using web-technologies like CCS, HTML and JavaScript. This code is wrapped within a native app wire framework, allowing the hybrid app to run via a smartphone’s embedded browser. This means, they can be downloaded and installed, or submitted to app stores just like a regular native app. Even though they are constructed using web technologies, they have the same functionality of a native app, provide similar user experience, but have the ability to be accessed on different platforms.

Compared to Hybrid App development, Native app development differs in that the apps are built for only one operative system. They are also designed to be compatible with the operative system’s unique hardware, language and code for a specific mobile device. For example, Google and Apple will create hybrid mobile apps which can be supported by iOS, or Android.

Dissimilar to native app development, hybrid applications also are built with single code bases that can be compatible with a broader range of operating systems, making them more cost-effective and easier to create. As a result, hybrid apps are becoming the more popular mobile app to invest and develop.

Which is better - hybrid or native app?

Hybrid App Development is steadily growing more popular amongst mobile app developers due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. We list some of the benefits of investing in building a hybrid app

  • Can be deployed on multiple devices - With its single codebase, mobile app developers can build hybrid apps for multiple platforms, working on both iOS and Android.
  • Feature one codebase to manage - Native app development requires you to construct two separate apps to function on different platforms. You only need to build and manage one database with Hybrid app development.
  • Faster to build - As you only have to build and manage one database, hybrid apps take less time to build.
  • Low development costs - With one set of code to construct, hybrid apps have lower development and maintenance costs, making them more affordable.
  • Hybrid apps feature an offline mode, allowing users to access previously loaded data. This does come with its disadvantages, including lower performance, hidden software development errors, and new features being unavailable on some platforms.

How much does it cost to develop a hybrid app?

Hybrid App Development costs will vary from industry to industry. It is a given that hybrid apps are more inexpensive to build compared to native apps, as they require less time. Costs for development are dependent on how complex its features and overall design.

Hybrid app complexity costs:

Simple Hybrid apps: The following mobile apps have few features and usually developed in a short amount of time. They won’t cost more than $10,000 on average.

Medium Complex Hybrid Apps: Taking approximately 2-3 months to build, medium complex hybrid apps will cost between $10,000-$50,000.

Enterprise Hybrid Apps: Offering plenty of features and optimal user experience, complex hybrid apps require at least 3-6 months to develop and can cost up to $50,000-$150,000.

Mobile Games: The following hybrid apps are the most expensive and difficult to develop. Expect to pay up to $250,000 or charged for hybrid app development services per hour, starting from $50.

Why choose App Boxer for hybrid app development?

No matter how challenging your hybrid app development project, we can construct a hybrid app based on your unique requirements. Our experienced team takes the time to explore the options available to you while weighing up the pros and cons for you to tailor a cost-effective development plan for your ongoing project. We ensure quality customer experience and use solid Ui/UX design and development to meet the exclusive needs of your market.

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