Hybrid App Development

App Boxer builds Hybrid and Native apps and we’re not biased to either option. Every project has its own unique requirements and we take the time to explore both options while weighing up the pros and cons with you.

What do you need to begin your Hybrid app development?
Much like building a house, you need an architectural plan (Our Kick-off Phase) and a design to ensure everything has been thought out before development starts to avoid the need to rip out the foundation when the roof has already been built. In the context of app development, we advise the following:

Map out the user journey/Flow.
Define all the user stories and list out the development tasks required for each.
Draw out the wireframes and flesh it out with your technical team and use this to inform your designer.
Design your brand to inform your UI and content.
UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience) designs to make the app look and feel good.
We also advise to involve the marketing and business discussion throughout this process. How will your app generate revenue? And how are you going to acquire, retain and boost referrals to increase revenue?

What is Hybrid app development?
Hybrid app development is the creation of software that uses the combination of native app development and website development elements. Hybrid apps are essentially web apps that have been put in a native app shell with added functionality that the device offers by installing the app onto the device.

Hybrid app development pros and cons
It’s important to understand the limitations that Hybrid app development comes with before deciding if this is the best approach for you.

The pros of Hybrid app development:

Hybrid apps can operate on multiple different platforms so only one code set is required.
Easier to launch patches and updates.
Cheaper to develop a Hybrid app in comparison to building two native apps for two different platforms.
Faster Build Times The cons of Hybrid app development:
The appearance of an application may vary from platform to platform.
The need to test on a larger set of devices to ensure proper operation.
Managing operating system specific functionalities can become messy and cumbersome.
Reduced creative freedom for animation and visual components.
Can be slow with some functions.
Reduced functionality access that comes with a device.

App developers App Boxer spends the time mapping out the 1-2 year development plan while weighing up the pros and cons with you in order to decide if native app development is right for you. In some situations we advise to start with a hybrid app to validate the project as cost effectively as possible with the aim to consider a re-development into a native app once a project/startup has been validated and potentially in revenue.

If you’re not sure if Hybrid app development is for you then feel free to reach out and we’ll help you weigh up the options.

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