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Augmented Reality App Development

Enjoy a reinvented point of view and enliven interactive experiences on your mobile devices with App Boxer’s AR app services. Capture and deploy virtual tours and enjoy the benefits of advanced interior and product customisation.

Since 2017, Augmented reality app development services continue to grow as AR ready devices become more accessible around the world.

Our Process: What Can We Do?

Creative Strategy

We learn all the ins and outs of your creative vision. After getting a more in-depth understanding of your project’s requirements, unique characteristics and target demographics, we mock up a draft augmented reality app development strategy using quality tools and 2D framework.

Development & Design

At App Boxer, our experienced app developers and designers use advanced modelling tools to deliver optimal ‘outside the box’ customer experience. Enhance visual quality for a truly immersive experience.


We are more than just app developers. We assist you from the creation to the successful launching of your app on both Google Play and Apple App stores.

Native App Mobile Development Case Studies

Delivery-on-demand for Pharmacy goods with Professional Security Guards doing your delivery #SafestinAu


UX/UI + App Development

LED is an app filled with videos to entertain, educate and sooth the mentally disabled community. A one-stop-shop for the entire community too!.


Branding + UX/UI + App Development + Web

RenuMe creates individualised, targeted exercise programs for the over 50 age group and people with chronic conditions.


Branding + UX/UI + App Development + Web

Why augmented reality apps

With Augmented reality app development, App Boxer can help you create your customers fresh, navigating experiences and a 360-view of your product on the smartphones and handheld devices. Enable a new dimension for problem solving and exploring.

See the World in a modern lens

AR is a creative yet innovative technology that can dazzle, surprise and delight consumers by adding a whole new dimension for solving everyday problems

Add a Viral Factor to your Apps

Compared to still images and banners, augmented reality apps allow customers to experience a new form of engagement, building an interactive brand image and connection between business and consumer.

Join a new innovative market

AR Apps continues to evolve, delivering the best of the best in the app industry. Provide end-users with an abundance of value-added information and interactivity.


What is an AR app?

An AR app (Augmented Reality), is specially designed software applications that merges digital visual and audio content into a user’s real-world environment. It has many uses, seen to assist medical training, educational purposes, repair work and so on.

How does an AR app work?

Augmented reality app development features the following steps. Computer vision software comprehends what is in the real-world environment around the user from the content of the camera feed. This allows the AR app to display digitised content relative to what the user is looking at then and there. Digital content is shown in a realistic way, looking as if it’s part of the real world- what we refer to as rendering. Computer vision will process raw images from the camera, triggering the app. An in-built 3D rendering module will augment the original frame, assuring the render precisely overlaps the image in the ‘real-world’ As augmented reality is life, all of the above steps have to occur every time a new frame comes from the camera.

What is the difference between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)?

Unlike VR, Augmented reality apps (AR app), will add digital features to a live view digital elements to a live view of the real-world environment by using a handheld device's camera, most often on a smartphone. A good example of augmented reality experiences is the Pokemon Go game and Snapchat filters. Virtual reality however is a complete, full-bodied immersion experience that allows the user to shut out the physical world. The game Oculus Rift is an example of VR, and transports users into a variety of imagined environments and encourages new out of the box experiences.

What is the process of building an Augmented Reality app?

Diving into the world of augmented reality app development services is intimidating. However, if you divide the technical jargon into manageable chunks and turn them into more straightforward steps, mastering a new skill comes easier. We’ve highlighted the key elements to consider when it comes to AR app creation.

  1. Enhance your creative idea by conducting a thorough competitor analysis.

  2. Explore the existing SK markets and platforms for augmented reality development. Opt for one which fits your expertise, budget and creative idea the most. Vuforia, Wikitude * ARToolKit require a profound knowledge of C++, Java, or C#, whereas tools like Blippar and Aurasma are an excellent tool for beginners.

  3. AR app development requires the presence of physical 3D objects. You can download existing models or make them yourself.

  4. Another key element is to make a 2D tracker, which is a specific image of your choosing that gets placed on a surface, and later scanned and rendered through AR-aided devices.

  5. Create a design unique to your business, prep all necessary 3D models, images, text files and data.

  6. Put all elements together on a platform of your choice.

What is the cost of building an AR app?

The visual features of your new augmented reality app are limited by your imagination and your developers budget: The more demanding your requests, the higher your AR App cost. As of 2021, AR app development costs ranged from:

  • Simple AR applications: $30-50 000
  • Medium-sized AR applications: $50-200,000
  • Complex AR applications (games): $250,000, sometimes up to $2,000,000

Why choose App Boxer for AR app development services?

At App Boxer, we care about your project and the development of your new AR app. From the creative strategy to its official launch, we will take the time to learn your unique requirements and tailor a strategy and find the best digital tools that both follow your vision and meet your overall budget. Reach out to our specialists for your own augmented reality app or consult. Have a high-level idea for a future app – we look forward to working with you.

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