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Boost your brand awareness and expand your reach to the 2 billion Android users with App Boxer. With over ten years of experience, our full-cycle Android app development services have built innovative, smart and user-friendly apps for businesses big and small. With fixed prices and no hidden costs, our hardworking team of Android developers have created ROI-driven applications that not only look beautiful, but feature top-tier interfaces tailored exclusively to maximise usability and drive business growth. Our unique ‘out of the box’ process and app development services has helped many companies achieve their business goals to make an impact in their market. Challenge us with your and android app development project and let us help you create a mobile app that’s exclusive to your brand.

What Services Does App Boxer Provide

End-to-end development: We design, develop, test and maintain a variety of Android applications even after product launch. Let us get to the application product that you envision.

Code writing & audit: We provide clients with full code-writing services. We can write a specific code from scratch specific to your requirements and needs, or provide an existing codebase that we can enhance to improve your app performance. We can prioritise improvements that can influence speed and stability.

Rescue Missions: We can save Android App development projects with old codes that no longer meet your business goals. We can fix issues with bugs, architectural problems and scalability issues. is a service for projects with code that no longer meets business requirements. We can work with you to create a revival plan that is guaranteed to provide you the best results.

Why Choose App Boxer

Despite fragmentation issues and the complexity of all Android products and software, we are determined to take on any project no matter how challenging. From market research, to design and development, and testing to support, App Boxer offers full end-to-end android app development services to build a native or hybrid app for Android devices. Partner with us, you’ll get an app that is high-performing, user-friendly, cyber-secure, compliant to Google Play security measures, and material design compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Android app development?

Android app development is responsible for creating mobile applications for devices powered by the Android operating system. Compared to iOS, they make use of the Javascript and XML programming languages as part of the development process.

What is the process of Android app development?

Android app development is a collection of stages that constitute designing, development, launching and post-deployment. We’ve broken down the jargon into easier steps:

Concept idea

  • Every great app starts with a concept. If you have an idea in mind to create an app, you need to ask yourself if they can provide potential solutions to a problem. Ask yourself the following questions -
  • “Can the app solve _____ problem?” and “Are there options out there that my app can outdo?”

Android app strategy
  • It’s a competitive market out there. Therefore, you need to create a blueprint to give your app idea some structure. Look at the history of your competition to the number of downloads they have garnered.

Android app wireframing
  • Involves creating the wireframes (blueprints) of the apps. Wireframing structures the app from end-to-end, and focus on tool options needed for integration, specifications and feasibility of the app.

Android app design
  • Developing the front-end of your Android app development process, ensuring all the bases are covered and based on the wireframing you have chosen. This takes up to 2-3 weeks of mockups.

  • We concentrate on the user interface aspect of the app and deploy techniques to code the useability of the app. During this stage, we can include features like navigation, collating data silos to perform as a single unit and list views.

  • Regular QA testing at every stage, checking to see if the process is automated and has zero bugs in the software.

Deployment and market submission
  • Giving us the greenlight to go ahead with the final app submission to the Google Play store. This can generally take two days to assess whether your app follows the security guidelines provided by Google.

Post deployment
  • 10% is in the pst-development process. Using analytical tools, the following app is monitored to patch any functional and security bugs, updating app features, or consider customer feedback.

How much does Android app development cost?

The cost of developing an Android app is similar to the cost of iOS development, with prices ranging from $25,000 - $250,000 depending on the complexity of the application.

Why develop an Android app

Android apps are popular to develop as they are faster, easier and less expensive to develop compared to iOS. Android apps are usually written in Javascript, which involves writing more code. Another reason is that Android is an open source platform which means more components, devices and software fragmentation to account for.

Why choose App Boxer for Android app development?

Looking for more flexibility and variations with your next Android application? App Boxer’s Android development services can get you there. Regardless of your location, we ensure to make the needed arrangements for a smooth onboarding and development process. Solid user experience design and development is our core focus. With a range of speciality services and expertise, our android app developers in our team can conceptualise and build apps for all manners of Android products including wearable devices, phones and tablets.

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