4 Aug 2021

Mobile App Trends to Jump on in 2022

As we well and truly settle into the routine of 2022, it becomes easy to forget what a turbulent time 2021 was for all of us.

4 Aug 2021
At a time where the pandemic caused us to have less face-to-face time and increased screen time, there’s a large amount of key learnings we can take away about the digital and app development spaces.
In 2020 alone, there were over 218 Billion app downloads worldwide, both free and purchased. In 2021, the global revenue from mobile apps, in-app purchases and advertising is set to reach $693 Billion (US dollars).

Mobile App Trends for 2022

  • Augmented reality (AR) AppsAR provides an interactive experience of a real-world environment enhanced by computer generated elements such as, sounds, animations and other visual elements.

    Arguably, the most popular AR App is Pokemon Go, which has amassed 1.1 billion downloads and $1.23 billion in revenue in 2020. Source: https://www.businessofapps.com/data/pokemon-go-statistics/

    It is anticipated that the market for AR apps will grow to $70 billion by 2023!


  • On-Demand AppsUberEats Imagery: https://unsplash.com/photos/4w3UZBFDacI

    On demand apps are connecting customers to a wide range of products and services. They allow users to order their product or service with the assurance of fast and efficient delivery.

    This idea became most popular with ride-hailing company Uber. Now, On-Demand apps have expanded beyond food delivery and ride-hailing services, into apps such as TaskRabbit, which connects users who need to outsource a task, to people who can complete the task.

    These are becoming increasingly popular and if you have an idea for one, you can rest assured there is a market out there!


  • Healthcare appsHealthcare apps are offering health-related programs and services to patients without needing to leave their home.

    Following the Global health crisis, Covid-19, these apps have grown to be extremely valuable in increasing access to health care services without the added hassles and risk involved with going to a doctors office. There are still necessary reasons to see your doctor in person, but these allow for doctors and practitioners to see a larger number of patients than before.

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