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Mobile App Development for Brands – Crucial A/B Tests Every Brand Should Run Before Launching a Mobile AppAn increasing number of consumers prefer interacting with brands via mobile applications. If you are contemplating developing a mobile app for your

An increasing number of consumers prefer interacting with brands via mobile applications. If you are contemplating developing a mobile app for your business, or already have one, there are some components you should be testing. Failure to A/B test your mobile application can have a severe impact on the success of your business’ smartphone/tablet interface. If you want to ensure your company’s mobile app interface is successful as possible, following are a few tests you should perform.

– Testing load speed is essential. Consumers will delete your application from their device if it takes too long to load or causes their device to lag while using other applications. Remove unnecessary components of your app to see if load times improve. Review your code and make sure it is as clean as possible. Anything you can do to improve your app’s speed can increase its usability.

– Test your app’s user registration process. Consumers don’t like having to register for an application just to use it on their device. Does your app truly need a registration screen immediately upon download? Could you put some features behind a registration interface and leave the rest open for use without detailed consumer data? Testing your registration interface can increase the number of customers that download and use your application on an ongoing basis.

– Does your application cause specific devices to freeze? You’ll need to test your app on a myriad of mobile devices to ensure the freeze factor doesn’t impact your usability ratings.

– Just like freeze frustrations, crashing a user’s device is unacceptable if you want your app to earn high consumer ratings. Test your app not only on popular new iPhone or Android devices but test on older makes and models too.

– Checking your app’s onboarding process is crucial. Get your grandmother to try your app. Ask your Luddite neighbor to test your onboarding experience. Making your onboarding process so simple a child could follow it can have an enormous impact on your app’s usability. Just look at Slack; their process is so simple their company has grown exponentially. Don’t make figuring out features difficult. From your app’s copywriting to the permissions you require from your users, simplify each step to make the process as painless as possible.

– If you want your app’s users to remain engaged and continue to use your application, test features and provide polling options wherein users can leave feedback. Push notifications, feature layout, and app tours are just some of the components you should be testing. Just because developers and programmers within your company are happy with your application, that doesn’t mean customers outside your business are going to feel the same. Introduce your app to outsiders to get honest feedback on its usage.

Don’t underestimate the importance of testing to the success of your mobile application. Failure to do so can result in the loss of thousands of dollars, not to mention company goodwill. Do you want to risk your brand’s reputation simply because you were too eager to launch a less-than-optimized mobile application?

App Boxer takes care of all quality assurance testing to assure you can launch your app with confidence. We are located in Bella Vista and offer our App Design, App Development and Publishing services all over Australia.


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