The Kick-off Phase

Think of it like hiring a building architect to design a house before you hire the builder. It is the process of understanding your whole vision and gathering requirements for your app before heading into app development.


The Discovery Phase

The initial meeting will be very practical. The main focus will be spent on your app and the value proposition to your market - aka, why someone will download your app. We will bring insights to the brainstorm of your concept and design the User Flow Diagram. This is the diagram that informs the steps your user will take and how the back end technology works. The meeting will also be used to start the discussion about your pathway to development, branding, pitch deck and marketing strategies.

We are more than developers and we want to guide you to a successful launch of your digital business.



The initial meeting will be very practical. We will prepare a wireframe based on our initial conversation so that we can hit the ground running with great questions and feedback.



App Boxer will work hand-in-hand with you to design your logo and create your brand assets.

A successful new app will have a brand that has an emotional connection from its audience. It only takes 3 seconds for users to identify with your brand and decide whether your brand is trustworthy.

We get started by creating a mood board of references based on your detailed brief. With communication between meetings and our team of designers, together we will create the ideal brand identity for your app.


User Stories & Development Cost

The documentation that is created during this time is absolutely necessary to give you an itemised, fixed cost quote for the project. The Development Team needs detail and it will help everyone plan the development and launch of your product. If you are pitching to investors, this is the most cost-effective way of creating a prototype to give them a feel for the new product and brand.


High-Fidelity Prototype

App Boxer will create an interactive, high-fidelity Prototype of your app. High-fidelity (hi-fi) Prototypes appear and function as similar as possible to the actual product that will ship. Founders usually create high-fidelity prototypes when they are pitching to investors or aiming to develop the app after going through design feedback rounds. This provides Founders with the best understanding of what they are going to build.

Unlike black and white wireframes, our interactive prototypes are realistic and based on your Brand Identity.


Landing Page

The second meeting is often the last of the Kick-off Phase as the App Boxer Team continues to execute the documents and branding concepts. Between the first and second meeting, you will be communicating with the team via email, phone call and on our design platform.

Our Landing Page design is engineered to grow your audience and showcase your brand before you launch. This tactic is based on a marketing strategy to get interest from your target audience. By sowing into your target market as your app is being built, you can maximise the potential to launch with more users. Your new branding will be used to design the Landing Page.


Pitch Deck

What is a pitch deck? A Pitch Deck is a slide presentation used for communicating your new company, the vision and your product, to potential investors, partners or market influencers. App Boxer will work with you to create the presentation to your ideal target audience. Sharing the brand and vision of your new business needs to be crafted with simple and intentional content.

Keep it simple and precise. Along with your vision and our experience, we will create something amazing together.

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