How Can Social Media Help In Marketing Your App?

You and your app development partners came together to create a dreamy app. Next, it’s time to make it a smash hit on Google Play and Apple App store.

Well, with almost 2 million apps in app stores and stiffest competition to be the best, it is challenging to get expected users, downloads, and sales quickly.

Most of the app developers first think about SEO and in-app marketing. But, in addition to these marketing strategies, there are many other ways to drive demand for your app.  

And, social media marketing is one of such great strategies. According to 2013 Mobile App Discovery Report published on Apps Flyer, social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, are more effective than other marketing methods for mobile apps.

Here is how you can use leverage social media marketing to make your mobile app a success.

Make A Powerful Pre-Launch On Social Media Channels

According to a Link Humans study, 3 billion people have internet access on the planet. Nearly, 2.1 billion are active on social media, and 1.7 billion people use social media channels from their mobile devices.

So, now when 1.7 billion people are active on social media, why not create a powerful app pre-launch campaign for this platform?

An effective social media marketing plan should always precede some information regarding the launch of your app. Irrespective of the fact that your app is at the processing or testing stage, start promoting it. By creating some pre-launch buzz, you will able to create a strong pool of ready-to-download audience.

Explain the benefits, define how it will work for your customers, list all special features, and introduce the audience to your development team.

Content Is The King

Your mobile app downloads will never meet the goal if enough hype or engagement has not been created around it. The best way to ensure a good level of engagement is making a good social media marketing plan for it.

You can write persuading content, make use of the apps like Buffer, HootSuite, Later, and more to post according to the schedule. Post on a specific time and stay consistent with it.

When it comes to promoting your app with content, try to share app videos, screen captures, and visually relative content. Also, don’t forget to include a call-to-action message with each piece of content.

Define Your Social Media Idea and Base

To build a strong fan base, it is important that you match your voice on social media with your app idea.

Before you start with app promotion, identify what your application is all about. For example, if it is a gaming app, you don’t need to make formal posts. If it’s a ‘News’ app, you have to keep your pitch formal.

Also, when people add comments, like, or share your posts, you should jump into a conversation with them. That is how you can make a strong social media base. You can also increase engagement by holding contests, giveaways, and more related to the app.

Use One-Click Rule

Whenever you use social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, for the marketing of your mobile app; make sure it is just a click away from the post.

Whether you are promoting through textual content, images or videos, don’t make people work too hard to find and download your app. Otherwise, they may get distracted by something else or lose interest and will forget to come back to your page.

Be Prepared For Different Social Media Channels

There are tens of popular social media channels, each with own marketing benefits. You need a different plan to market your app on each of these platforms.

Facebook has the largest number of users. So, your content has to be very engaging. On the other hand, LinkedIn follows a simple and formal content-sharing style. The Instagram content has to be posted with high-resolution and catchy images.

Once you start using different social media channels, don’t hesitate to ask opinions through polls or reviews.

Reward Your Customers

These days, users prefer engaging with the applications that offer them incentives and rewards. You can offer the rewards like coupons, discounts, gift cards and cash back, etc., to keep them engaged with your business and app.

Moreover, these things create excitement around your app and also get you more business conversions easily.

Be Consistent With Your Efforts

Once you have started social media marketing, don’t stop or slow down.

Keep sharing, posting, engaging, and re-engaging your audience on a regular basis. Search for the fresh content, images, and try to foster a healthy and friendly relationship with your audience.

Your existing customer base will spread word about your mobile app if they find it interesting and will help you get new customers.

Try To Tell A Story About The App On Social Media

Take a moment to think how you are captivated by the tales. Stories are not confined to books or movies. In fact, stories are everywhere, and these capture our emotions and mind.

You can combine the power of storytelling with your app marketing strategies. Rather than sticking to the basic content distribution style, embrace the art of storytelling.

Win the attention of the audience with a story that talks about your team, your app inspiration, and benefits of the app for users in real life situations.


Overall, you can make your app visible and increase downloads by leveraging the power of social media. Posting your content regularly and timely, doing real-time marketing, offering rewards, social media retargeting are some of the social media tactics to increase your app’s engagement. This is why and how social media platform should be an important and cost-effective block of your overall app marketing plan.  


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