Does Your Business Need A Mobile Application?

“If I have a mobile-friendly, responsive website, do I still need a mobile app?”

Many business owners ask this question. And, the answer is ‘YES,’ if you want to stay ahead of the competitive marketplace and grow your business.

If you think you don’t need a mobile app developed because you have a mobile-friendly website, you’re missing the huge potential mobile apps come with compared to websites.

Just think when was the last time:

  • A customer clicked a picture of your product?
  • Your site adjusted the price according to a customer’s social influence?
  • Your site shared your customer’s experience as they walked by your shop?

Biometrics, cameras, augmented reality, 3D gaming, and much more are advanced facilities that exist only in mobile apps, not on traditional HTML-based websites. Not having an app means you’re missing all these modern-world and demanding features in your store that customers nowadays look for.

Now, let’s look at some stats of mobile app usage!

  • Over 72% customers find it easy to shop using mobile apps – AYTM.
  • In 2017, around 64% of the world’s population owned a smartphone – Statista.
  • Nearly 58% Millennials use mobile apps more often than mobile web – eMarketer.
  • Mobile devices drove nearly $2 trillion in sales in 2016 – GeoMarketing.
  • Nearly 89% business owners plan to develop a mobile app for their business over the next three years – Retail Dive.

Are not these stats and mobile app potentials enough to convince you that your business needs a mobile app today?

And, if your business goals are any or all of the following, then for sure, you need a great mobile application.


Why does your business need to develop a mobile application


Be Visible to Your Customers All the Time

A survey conducted by Flurry, a mobile measurement and advertising platform, suggests that Americans spend around two hours a day using their mobile devices. 86 percent of these two hours is spent on using mobile apps. By having your app downloaded on their smartphones, you can make up huge from this total usage.

While they unlock and scroll, users scan their devices for the desired app. And, being in the way can unconsciously record the image and the text of your app that is your app icon, in their mind. In this way, your mobile app keeps your business visible to your customers all the time.

Provide More Value To Your Customers

Business is a reciprocation game! You sell products and customers pay you for those products, right?

Probably you’re trying to get more wallets opening by engaging your customers. You are striving to increase customers’ interaction with your business to boost your sales. At the same time, you want to provide the best value for their trust and money to your customers that they’ll get nowhere else.

Creating a loyalty program, which is possible only with a mobile app, is one of the most effective ways to improve customers’ interaction while providing valuable services.

The more customers communicate with your business, the more point they collect, which avails them with great deals on your products. And, when people see those points adding up, they’ll be more enticed on purchasing from you in future.

Improve Your Brand Image

Having a mobile application for your business drastically improves your brand recognition among your target audience.

The mobile app acts as a billboard sign. You can get it designed in any desired manner; make it stylish, functional, informative, surprising, anything you like. Just make sure it matches with your business purpose. But, top of all these, you want an app with features that people will love and use. While at the same time it should be wonderfully designed and properly branded.

As you involve your customers with your app as a result of effective branding, they start getting interested in buying your products/services. The rule of thumb is hearing and seeing your brand approximately 20 times will get you noticed and remembered for a long time. Your mobile app does it effectively.

Increase your website traffic

Google Play and Apple’s store earn millions of visits each day. If your app is well-optimized for these stores, it will get more downloads as well as send highly-targeted traffic to your website. You’ll also earn backlinks to your store from high authority pages.

A combination of art and science works for app store optimization. Choosing and placing the right keywords offer more visibility for your business. It’s not that simply launch your app and forget it. In fact, it needs committed maintenance to drive more website traffic through your app.

Direct Marketing Channel

Mobile app helps you gather a lot of information, such as demographics and geographical locations, about your customers. You can gain a better understanding of your customers’ individual needs, which is great for retargeting your customers and visitors.

More importantly, you can give a lot of information about your business to your customers directly. It includes product specifications, prices, promotions, deals, news feeds, new launches, special prices, and much more. So, it helps develop a cheap and effective direct marketing channel, which is a huge advantage for your business.

Stand Out From The Crowd

The concept of mobile apps is still in its infancy stage at small business level. You can take advantage of this fact and take a big leap ahead of the competition. Get your mobile app developed now. Your competitors will be surprised by your forward-thinking approach and customers will appreciate you for allowing the ease of shopping.

Make Your Customers Feel Special and Personal

An app is not only easy-to-use software, but it also fosters an emotional bond between you and your customers. Features like wish lists, shopping cards, progress in reward programs, make your consumers feel important to you. Moreover, it improves the consumers’ experience since they don’t have to log in every time they need to shop from your store.  

Be Ready For The Future

Sources have revealed that digital giants are moving towards more innovative mobile technologies to improve businesses’ performance and revenues. Having a mobile app now will prepare you for future enhancements that will be introduced soon.

Should you replace your website with an app?


Though replacing your entire website with a mobile app may seem to be a cost-saving option, this perception isn’t completely perfect. You need to hire the best developers to create, deploy, maintain and update your app, which needs a considerable monetary assurance.

You should remember that a mobile-friendly, responsive site can perform on multiple platforms, but a mobile app can be used only on the mobile devices, it’s written for. An iOS app may not work on Android devices and vice versa. You need to get an individual app developed for each mobile platform, which needs both your time and money.

All in all, you need both – a responsive website and a mobile app.

Considering all these, it’s surprising why you doubted (if you did) the benefits of having a mobile app. From convenience of ease-of-use and cost-saving to improved customer experience and brand awareness, a mobile application makes sense for all businesses, small or large.  


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