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20.07.2018 The Role of UX in Mobile App Development
Let’s talk some numbers first. During the first quarter of 2018, an average of 6,140 mobile apps were released through Google Play Store every day. For iOS app releases, the number was 1,434 per day during the same quarter. Combining the two platforms, there were 7,574 app releases per day....
04.06.2018 Improve your Mobile App with Customer Feedback
The process of mobile app development takes so much time, efforts and money. However, even after putting their best in this process, many app developers fail to create a successful app. The main reason for this failure is the lack of understanding of what the potential users actually want it...
18.05.2018 5 Great Ways To Enhance Mobile App Security
As more and more businesses start inclining towards having a presence in the app stores, it is becoming considerably hard to keep personal details on your mobile secure. Amateur developers make the mistake of not using adequate security measures to protect data in their app which poses a significant threat...
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