Apps Drive the New Business

Is your business as crook as Rookwood? The solution is simpler than you think. It used to be an “option”, or something that only the cashed up did, but nowadays is a basic requirement. You need a Smartphone app!

Here’s the truth: In the old days if you had a shop in Brisbane, or Melbourne, or a major center, you were pretty well going to be a success. Then the internet came along and more people could compete with you from across the country. You had to work harder and harder to make a go of it.

It finally stabilized, and we got used to doing business in a new way. It took more effort but we were still surviving.

The Modern Age
But now, everybody has an internet connection. We’re not talking about a business in Newcastle nicking customers from Sydney. Someone living out in Woop Woop, like a shag on a rock, has the same access that you do. Business competition is getting fierce again.

What they don’t have is pedestrian traffic, and that is where you can pull ahead in this race. It will work for just about any business, but let’s consider cafes…

Have you ever heard of “geofencing”? An app can be designed to refer to Smartphones’ GPS location services (with the customers’ permission, of course). Then whenever they walk past your shop the phone can PUSH (tech talk) a message to your client saying “Drop in for some fresh roasted Jamaican Blue Mountain and we’ll give you a pair of fresh hot macaroons to go along with it for free!” You’ll have them beating down the door to get inside!

The great thing about geofencing is that you get to set the distance and the area it covers. You can set it to the sidewalk in front of your shop door or maybe a couple of blocks away for people that are just passing through. The key is to keep messages to a minimum. If someone works next door to you, you don’t want them to get a message every time they cross the office. Once or twice a day is plenty.

If you’re really smart, you could set it to cover the local football field or nearby workout place at certain times of the day when hot, tired people need a break! If you run a servo, you might tell folks when your petrol price changes. Maybe it’s a Milk Bar, and you have daily specials! The only limit is your imagination.

Anybody Can Do It
If Woolworths did that, then when you walked by they could PUSH a coupon to your phone that was valid for an hour or two. And a customer’s previous purchases could decide what sort of coupon they received. Maybe a local designer buys a lot of cloth, so they could get 20% off on some fabric that day.

If you’re walking by Coles, “Fresh Watermelons just arrived. Your choice $1.99” could appear. Or maybe “Fresh Banana Prawns… $14/kg!” Bet that would make you look twice.

How about Dick Smith Electronics? “XBOX One now available. Two free games with purchase!” How many people wouldn’t walk in the door to look at that?

The Takeaway
If you don’t do this, all your competition is going to get cracking and beat you to the finish line. It may sound difficult, but that’s why we’re here at AppBoxer. We can do it all and make is as simple as can be.
Give us a call on 1800-277-269 and we’ll get you all sorted out, with great advice and a super price. Or drop us a line with our contact form. We would love to talk to you!


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