23 Dec 2021

App Boxers year in review 2021 – #DreamTeam

23 Dec 2021
As the last few days of the year tick away, it’s hard not to look back and reflect on the fantastic journey we’ve had during the previous 12 months.
Starting the year thinking COVID-19 is behind us, a year of prosperity and freedom awaits us! Oh man, how wrong we were.

This year tested us more than before

The delta variant ripped through the heart of our development centre in New Delhi, India forcing some team members to take time off to support their friends and family in a heartbreaking time. However, we are thankful that all our team members could bounce back a few weeks later happy and healthy.


Thank you to all our affected clients, allowing us to provide the team and their families with the much-needed time to recover.


Here’s what happened after we ferociously bounced back:


  • We restructured three departments in the architecture/discovery phases to increase efficiency and communication with clients.
  • We created a whole new department to focus on client satisfaction and delivery in the development phase.
  • We welcomed some absolute weapons to the team this year which has taken us to new heights!
  • We Jumped up from the 6th best app development agency spot on Clutch to the tippy top. We are now recognised as the #1 App development agency in Australia. https://clutch.co/au/app-developers
  • We finally got an outdoor table and chairs for the balcony! Sorry guys… better late than never 🙂
  • We prepared and designed our new brand, ready to go live in the new year.
  • And so much more we can’t wait to tell the world!


Overall, 2021 you were the best year yet, but most importantly, you have allowed us to build a stronger foundation that will take us to new heights in 2022.


I have never felt more confident in our team, process, vision, and partners.


Thank you to everyone who has made this year such a success!
You know what’s next.


Let’s get it done.
Founder and CEO
Zyran Erasmus.

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