App Boxer is a Sydney-based agency with a passion for innovation. We pay close attention to detail every step of the way. As a successful startup moving into the scaleup phase ourselves, we know what it takes to execute good ideas.

As an award-winning company with a twelve-month service warranty, our reputation speaks for itself. With a team of 24 and growing, App Boxer is thriving as many mobile app companies are dissolving. It could be our secret sauce, or just a solid operation with a smart, trustworthy team.

About us


The history

Self-taught in programming from the age of twelve, App Boxer’s Founder Zyran was remote freelancing for companies around the world by the age of sixteen. As soon as he hit eighteen, he registered his first business – Zybox Gaming.

A few years later, Zybox was restructured with a focus on app development for enterprises and startups, forging the company we now know and love as App Boxer. Our key partner Rowan was introduced in early 2018 to boost App Boxer’s growth, while providing expertise and guidance for App Boxer clients.

At App Boxer, we go above and beyond to help increase efficiency and develop business. If you’d like to hear more from us in person, just send us a message.